How have we used our 100 words this week?

100WordChallenge by Amy c:

I was walking home from a school disco. I was on my own. Scared,  shocked and shivering with fear. No one was here for me, to protect me, hold me tight. Puddles everywhere, trees like hands coming to get me. I knew something was wrong, that I was getting watched, followed even. I started feeling sick and dizzy. Suddenly…

I felt a finger poking and prodding me as I was walking I looked behind me. Nothing. I kept on walking faster maybe a bit too fast. I tripped, was dragged away and never see again! this was my end!

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  1.   Mr Mullard Team 100 UK Says:

    Hi Amy. This is a very good piece of writing. You have told the story with great style. Your sentences are well chosen and varied and this helps your story to unfold in a way that is both entertaining and interesting. I like the way you have thought hard about the 2nd and 3rd sentences – the descriptive detail is great and just as good is your care with the construction of the sentences. Well written, Amy!

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