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About Easter Time Joshua, 6P

On the 20th of April 2014 it was Easter, a Christian holiday about the death and resurrection of Christ. Every year people trade Easter eggs made of chocolate, money and sweets to celebrate this event. Traditionally, children are taught about the Easter bunny that is the Easter version of Santa clause. Easter takes hold over 4 days: Good Friday, Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday (The main day of Easter,) and Easter Monday. Many people throw parades and festivals as well as fun days held at churches. Easter egg hunts are often held but often they don’t find the eggs.

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  1.   mrswills1 Says:

    A factual text is an interesting response to this week’s100WC. Well done! Often people overlook the reason for Easter and focus on Easter eggs! It is also true that many eggs are not found if they have been well hidden. I enjoyed reading your response. Thank you.

  2.   Mrs T Says:

    Well done Josh, it’s good to read a non-fiction 100wc as Mrs Wills above has commented. You have used a variety of sentence constructions and your use of a colon and brackets (parentheses) are accurate.

    Keep it up!

    Mrs T

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