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Alfie 100wc

Many moons ago there was a young girl named Matilda. She was adopted. Her parents were gruesome and grotesque. Her adopted brother was a bully since she was born.

One day Matilda woke up early excited for her first day at school but she didn’t know what was ahead of her. She ate breakfast and got ready for school without taking notice of her parents. She ran out of the door all the way to school. As she entered the playground she saw a girl being swung round by her ponytails by her head teacher Miss Trunchball.

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13 Responses to “Alfie 100wc”

  1.   April Says:

    I loved your “But she didn’t know what was ahead of her i think it was really good language for such a small “Story”

  2.   amy Says:

    every ones work is great you all think?

  3.   amy Says:

    every ones work is great

  4.   mason Says:

    i realy liked your story about matilda and mrs trunchbull alfie you will be a good writer wait you already are hahaha

  5.   amy Says:

    all of yours are great

  6.   mason Says:

    yeah april your work is good shh its perfect dont tell alfie

  7.   Alfie Says:

    Thanks guys!

  8.   Chloe M Says:

    It was an amazing story. I agree with mason, you will be a very good story writer.☺

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