How have we used our 100 words this week?

Alfie -lee stevens week 19

To write it all in time

Sitting in my office minding my own business when …….
a good citizen came dashing into my office shouting
I said “where is it?”
“down the street”
“lets go. Where is it?”
“Outside on the street!”
I ran outside as quick as my legs could take me. It was ice cold and monstrously wet. My whole body was shivering with fear. Feeling brave, I walked over to the dead body and realised I knew who it was…
“oh my god its Trevor the choker now theres a new serial killer nnnnnnnn noooooooooooooooooooooo”

the end

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3 Responses to “Alfie -lee stevens week 19”

  1.   Helen Whittaker (team 100WC) Says:

    Well written Alfie-Lee! I would love to hear your 100WC read by you. I can imagine the excitement. Your teachers are very lucky as they can hear the story. Good punctuation and phrases such as ‘monstrously wet’ and ‘shivering with fear’ make a super, exciting story. I have recommended you for the showcase.

  2.   Mrs DW Team 100 Says:


    Thank you for sharing your story with us, you have used good punctuation and language. Your use of descriptive language really showed me how you felt.

    Great job keep it up.

    Mrs DW

  3.   Fiona (Team 100WC) Says:

    What an exciting 100WC, Alfie-Lee! Your punctuation is excellent and I loved the phrase ‘monstrously wet’. Great work- keep it up.
    Fiona (Team 100WC)

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