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Saffron Week 21

Lo: to put grammar in my work.   One stormy day  I was  walking  in  the school I saw  a  misty  figure run  straight  past  me I  jumped out  of  my  skin  and hopped back  about ten spaces  I  thought I was  going to  die then I … screamed  out  of no where  mr pygot […]

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Daisy Week 21

Target:spaces and capitals It was one cold and misty night when there was a power cut throughout the whole city, the electrician banged on our front door and laughed a nasty,evil laugh.Me and my friends ran up stairs because the sound of the nasty,evil laugh was deafining.It became silent and that was a good sign […]

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Bridget Week 20

my brothers birthday ! wow !  what a day ! i went to the cake shop and brought a grey birthday cake , superheros , then i went to the sandwich shop and got a scrummy baloney sandwich. Then i went home ! Before i went home i went to the zoo to get my […]

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Erin Week 19

I was walking down dark, dirty and dusty queens road. I walked past  Mickeys church. Someone told me that it is haunted and a little boy who was 5 years old got murdered in 1993 by a priest ! Nobody ever dared to go inside it ever again. I ran passed just in case but […]

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Jess, Elsie and Shayla Week 19

It was midnight and all was quiet. As Shayla, Jess and Elsie crept down the steep old creaky stairs down, down, down they went until finally they came to the green, rackety door. Slowly they crept out and shut the door behind them. They were casually walking down the road when all of a sudden […]

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Kira Week 19

I could hear the wind whistling in the distance. I could hear the animals playing and finding their prey. I could hear the branches snapping. I could see red eyes gleaming through the trees. I could see a family walking along the slushy mud. I could see leaves falling from tall trees. I could feel […]

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Tillie Week 19

One day i was walking to school and i met up with my freainds.later on when i had finshed school i was soo boerd so i decided to play my xbox.Whilst i was on my xbox i was playing minecraft.Later on i suddenly heard a noise out side i sneakly  peered out of my window […]

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Leanne Week 19

Suddenly there stood a strange figure in the street light. “Come with me child” he said. Pip slowly stepped back. “Don’t be scared my child,” Pip slowly tried to step back again. “If you don’t come with me I will curse you’re family.” Pip, without thinking ran away in a hurry. The monstrous man just […]

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Week 19 Charlie D

targets: capital letters   Flying across the sky there was a shooting star which crashed landed on a local pizzeria and I was destined to get a job as security guard at night there. Also I died on my first night yeah, my first night I suck at my job but I didn’t die by […]

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Trinity Week 19

On Friday night, I went outside to go for a walk because it was so hot in the house. When I was out, I saw something so I followed it. It disappeared. I saw it again, but in the forest this time, so I got down and said “Who are you?” it ignored me then disappeared. […]

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Tayler Week 19

To make sure I don’t put Capital letters in middle of sentences. (Ironic) “C’mon sentinel don’t lie!” “Im not I don’t even come from this planet!” I said “Fine I’ll guess he is not one of them ,look Sarg just train him to be one of us and if you let him I’ll train him. […]

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Daisy Week 19

Target: Full stops and capital letters There was one lonely cold winters night and I was on my way home and I felt like I was being followed all the way home. I was  also starting to feel scared.It was pitch black and I leged it to the front door I ran inside and was […]

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Stanley Week 15

As I woke up this morning I heard a strange sound from downstairs, my emotions immediately changed from excited to nervous. So I slowly crept out of my bed. It was at that time that I noticed that my door was open and my stocking was full. Suddenly… a huge bang come from downstairs! Following […]

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Ethan A Week 15

I opened my eyes and i felt strange until i remembered it was CHRISTMAS  DAY ! i couldn’t wait till the celebration then i felt nervous because what if everything goes wrong then after i opened my presents i saw a weird red dressed man outside with a empty sack a broun empty sack and […]

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Terri Week 15

My Target: To work on my structuring On my birthday I like to wake up really early because I love to open my presents before school. I ran as fast as could to go in the living room to find a big pile of presents. In the corner of the room there was a large […]

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Kai Week 15

Hi its me again, but this time i’m on my way back to my family in the UK. Because its christmas, i’m shaking like a leaf, the plane’s wobbling from turbulence, i’m shaking.i’m nervous. Meanwhile, at home we’re setting up a surprise party for celebration when he comes home.we’re all sitting in the house waiting […]

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Daisy Week 6

…suddenly I was able to see again… Today it’s my fun day out mum and dad take us out every month and they keep it a surprise and its very exited and Im in the car on my way and I hope were going to the fun fair. Finaly were here and were at the […]

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camran’s 100 word challenge week 6 !!!!!!

Near by my farm is a gleaming stream where a moody stingray lies eating  cream . Last night I was dreaming of the stingray and I couldn’t get out I was terrified I was sat in the middle of long grass and then suddenly he popped out played the flute beautifully . I was mistaken […]

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Elsie Week 6

It was a rainy day, and I was sitting in my bedroom.But all of a sudden there was a tingle inside my head ,then I couldn’t see any more I was trying  and trying to see but I coulden’t I was scared  I Didn’t no what to do.MY head was spinning with concussion . But then […]

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Sports day at sSouth downs college

The hole of year 5 did a mini Olympics at South downs college. We did things like basketall,benchball,rock cimbing and when the othor class whent all the othors played some more basketball I liked all of it me and my freind harry rose was in the same group so all of it as ok. My faverout part […]

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Amy, 5P

The red shed I was playing hide and seek and ran into my great grandfather’s red  shed . I started to get bored after a while so I took my pink shoes off and grabbed a blanket to have a nap … I woke up in a dark place. My shoes and blanket were gone. […]

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Ashley Week 16

A little boy called Myles was 5 years old and one day he got a toy doll for Christmas and when he put the batteries in, the head span right around. The next year he got a toy robot and when he put the batteries in the toy robot exploded into a million pieces and he […]

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Jem.J 100WC

I’m Jeff and this is Bob. Bob can’t speek so I’m talking insted. It was the most mysteares thing you’ve ever seen.   The site of it nearly blined me.   We couldn’t beleev the amount of paint.   Then there was a funny noise: tttrruuuuuuuuummmppppp!!!!!!! and some-one said “that was not ment to happen, HONESTLY!”

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The Magic Mirror By Megan 4bl

One gloomy night, a brave boy called Joey entered the castle of mysteries. Joey  looked around the spooky castle until he noticed a crystal mirror, which had lots of arty things like oil pastels and very expensive paints around it. The room started  spinning around and around   until the mirror smashed  ” Oh no!” Joey […]

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paint,paint and more paint.T.S 100 wc rjs

Me and my friend Jem were at the Dominos pizza parlour when I heard a strange noise coming towards us so I ran down the street,up the road and jumped into the dustbin with Jem and hid their until there was no noise! When all was silent I got out of the bin and fell down […]

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riley c Wc

Once apon a time there was a little girl named annie.her dream was to become a artist but she was really good at gymnastics a thew years later when she was older her mum said “why don’t you combind your tallents together and be a amazing artist.”so she was older and then she sighned up […]

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A magical world By Ellie mae

One gloomy night, three children found them selfs in a magical world full of  fierce and gooey monsters.Suddenly  Ben found this dark place which had never ever  been seen before .Ben shouted “Molly Lisa look at this.” He found a art gallery with bright paint,pencles and a blank piece  of paper just sitting there waiting […]

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100 word challenge

Once upon a time there was a man called bob the builder the next day he panted a wonderful picture. The next day he found the picture GLOWING LIKE MAD!i’m scared so he called his friend jack the builder. The next week jack came “what took so long jack” “sorry i was in mexico  anyway […]

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100 wc

A long time ago on halloween night a young boy Joey had a dream to be a knight and defeat the Ender Dragon. The Ender Dragon is black and no one has defeated it or suvived.Joey was very detirmend so that halloween he asked his mum if he could “mum can I go trick or […]

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Terror Party by Megan 4bl

I was having the time of my life at the hectic Christmas  party until I herd a booming sound coming from the chimney. “Boom!, Boom!”. Then  suddenly all of the crazy noise stopped… As soon as I turned around  a mystical  creature fell down the chimney, terrifying all of my friends. It was an Evil […]

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