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Bridgets 100 word challenge #week 18

100 word challenge #week 18        19.1.15


Dear diary,


Yay !!! Its friday my birthday I opened my first present what was that i could feel? I pulled it violently to see it i loved it , it was a charm bracelet from my bestie x Jess then after i had opened my presents me and Jess had some chocolate cake then we went upstairs and had a manicure then we went to the train station to go to Southampton for a huge shopping spree then after that we had a sleepover it was fabulous we had the best day eves it was a shame it had to be over waaaaaaaaaa !!!

Good luck diary

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  1.   Mrs C (Team 100) Says:

    What a good idea to write a diary entry. You have included details of your day, which is the type of thing you do say in a diary.If you are allowed (I don’t want to get you in to trouble!) I would read your work out aloud, after you believe you are finished. If you read this, you will see you are struggling for breath half way through, as you have forgotten to add punctuation. When you need a breath, this usually tells you that you need some kind of punctuation. I have to say though, that I would like to have a birthday like that! Mine are not as exciting. Well done, Bridget.Mrs C (Team 100)

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