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camran week 19 2

Suddenly, a translucent shadow appeared galloping on the crying road and that was when I woke with a shiver down my delicate spine. With a hop, skip and a jump, I was out of bed and eating my mouth watering cereal and that’s not all I then that day was taken to a theme park where I was being video recorded by a man in a silk black coat with a face made of fire I leaped into the car to see my mum with her face covered in hot scolding wax then the man grabbed me and then huh “Ahh”…

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4 Responses to “camran week 19 2”

  1.   Caitlin Says:

    Wow, fantastic, well done. That 100wc was absolutely amazing. Fabulous. I am looking forward to read your next 100 wc.

  2.   Helen Whittaker (team 100WC) Says:

    A very creepy story for this week’s 100WC Camran!
    You have used some fabulous descriptive language that makes your story very vivid. I think as you write more and became engrossed in your story, you forgot some full stops. This can happen when you are enjoying writing but if you read your 100WC to yourself before posting I am sure you would see where full stops are needed.

  3.   Mrs DW Team 100 Says:

    Came an

    Thank you for sharing your story with. It certainly had lots of ideas all combined together. You used some amazing descriptive words and I could really see the action.

    Just make sure when you are writing you remember to put in your punctuation as that is important.

    Well done keep writing,

    Mrs DW

  4.   Laura Alonso Says:

    Your writing is very rich in description and this captivates your reader. I really felt I was in the scenes you describe. You’ve included lots of bits of action – next time think about how they might link up together better. Keep up the good writing!
    Laura A, Team100, Luxembourg

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