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100wc 21/10/16 Harley

What is it? Where did it come from? What is it made of? Where is it going?

It is a log stretchy spider.

The spider is going to a home to live and build a home in the house  of web. And scaring everyone who so the a don’t kill it. But the stretchy spider was making him get killed like some more. So it came again just it was the uver spider brufer so he got killed as whel.

So the a or started to die. And they were upset and so the spider got killed

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100wc 21/10/16 Ronnie D

Today was a hot summer evening and Mason was looking forward to the last day of Secondary school until the week of. Mason zoomed into his navy blue school uniform and rode his huge, red bike to school.
Wandering into school, Mason gasped with fear. What was it ? How did end up in his school. Mason stared upwards at the black, petrifying beast and rushed into his science class, ready for his day at Park community school for an excellent, mega rific day. Mason stared at the dull monster and wondered why did this happen?  

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100wc 21/10/16 Jacob

People report that the is a massif un non spider is on the move. This came from planet could bong this is the baddest spider. Ever it’s made of steel sow stay in your house it’s to rise especially it’s eaton 200 people. Hoss next to be aeton so stay in door or else your eton and game over for ever and ever so. I hope you stay in doors or else you’re a goner and you won’t see another day of your live.

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100wc 21/10/16 Ronnie F

The big weird thing was a science project that went wrong with  the badnos .

It was running a round like mad so the owner had to ring the plose so they can find it because it was post to be a venomous spider . The police  was looking for agis . they had to send helicopters and drones to find the venoms spider . The spider was the most venomous spider in the younervers  .  The  police did not know what it can do because it was a science project. The

owner did  know ever. They were all scared because  they did not know that will happen.

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100wc 21/10/16 Mason

Was it a science project gone wrong or an alien from the planet snabaduba? Hanging above the church the science project watch as it’s prey got closer and closer as it jump down to its victim we all shot it with all we got eating the vicar. Tank after tank got blown up by the science project. As we got all our planes tanks and helicopter we gave it all we had but it wouldn’t stop the killing spree we finally got our biggest and strongest tank to get heer and defeat the enemy as it swallowed our commander…

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100wc 21/10/16 David

Lots of people think that know what this is but lots of different ideas keep popping up. But the most common is a halloween decoration with pezza  thrown at it so it came to life. But lots of different ideas came in liek :

  • An aleon
  • An experiment gone wrong
  • A robot in disguise  
  • An animatronic
  • A spider

But nun can be real right wrong it is real it is an alien so watch your back it code be anywhere you go.

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100wc 21/10/16 Reece

Hanging above riders school, the giant mechanical spider looked down at the helpless people and waited for the right time to strike. Mrs Moxon was out on her own then that was his time to strike and that was what it done its robotical fangs sank into her shoulder and lifted her up then the grim death and her screams were heard and many people ran but more metal spiders came to dine on this banquit. Soon the spiders had had their full and left the school but one spider was starving and he spotted Mrs Oneil. The spider went for the kill taking her down easily and the spiders ruled                                                                   

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100wc 21/10/16 Amy P

One day there was a boy named jamie.Jamie was an adventurous boy he loved all thing animal wanted to be a animal  a specially a spider he just loved spiders.

The next day Jamie had just woken up and he was a spider he thought he was dreaming but he wasn’t he saw someone that said find the prince bring him back.So that same day he went to save the prince he saved the prince from the forest and took him to the palace and the prince said your a spider! Don’t be scared it’s me Jamie.Then jamie turned back into a boy.

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100wc 21/10/16 Destiny

As a black 8 leg metal spider was  climbing through the metal web the shouting  miss there a giant spider the teacher said thay that the kids gone mad but there was something the kids started chucking stones at the poor thing it was probably a robot gone wrong anyway the thing did escape i think it came from a science lab or somewhere

It was going across the school and it had giant metal teeth by the end of the day it was gone no one saw it again.

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100wc 21/10/16 Aroura-Li

What is it? Where did it come from? What is it made of?  no teachers came to spoil their fun “teachers teachers Quick” screamed Jerry. Everyone ran back to their military rooms Jerry looked out the window to see what it was “it’s a spider” whispered Jerry. running Kevin grabbed Jerry and pushed him into a  closet. “Jerry that’s my friends spider  Bob” said kevin. “Why did you take it to military school” said Bob “don’t know”Where is it going?

Everyone was looking out the window of the school throwing stones at the thing.Jerry who was making sure

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100wc 21/10/16 Chloe M

One stormy night,  in a dark and dangerous lab,  a scientist named Professor Steve created the world’s most dangerous robotic spider. He went by the name of, The Black Titanium.  He was kept in a large cage made of steel. Whoever entered the lab, wouldn’t dare go near it. Until one day, he escaped.  Roaming the streets like he was the king, The Black Titanium petrified any person as they passed by. Scaring nearly everyone in the city, The Black Titanium was officially the most dangerous robotic spider to ever walk the earth.  Soon a nearby high school would be torn to shreds by this heroic beast.

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100wc 21/10/16 Bobi

One sunny day on halloween there was a giant spider. On its way to destroy the came from planet Bobi.planet Bobi is the most dedlyest planet going.its web is made of titaen steil l. Its name is stinger because it stings a lot. As a storm cloud gaverd the giant spider was taking a nap. Everyone was scared. Then a girl carly bell destroyed the spider. Everyone cheered for carly. It was so scary and fun the school was saved.  

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100wc 21/10/16 Rosie

Creaking and squeaking loudly in the dangerous lab, Professor squawk bottom was testing his new invention called spinner the world’s dangerous robotic spider in the whole universe. Professor squawk bottom was a very intelligent scientist and had created lots of different electrical things but nothing like the spinner. He was dangerous. Opening one eye the spider had vanished gone forever so Professor squawk bottom ran for his life but he was never to be seen.

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100wc 21/10/16 Maizie

What we have here is a giant 8 legged arachnid venoms spider. This venomous spider has come from the land of Venom in a special jungle in Florida.This spider is made out of bronze,titanium and steel so it is extra strong if you try to defeat it will fight back.The venomous spider lays poisonous babies and it is very comfitball so everybody has to evacuate the building as fast as the can. Nobody is safe until now.HELP NOW …..   

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100wc 21/10/16 Porcha

In the deep deep  forest , in a far away place   there    was a gigantic spider   .And it was a  hery  and spiked  it live in a cave      but on day it wanted to go and get so pray    but there was not no food  because it was raining and that why there ain’t no food but he said to himself i am going to bey brave and get sume food. So he went of to get so food and eat it .He said that was yum,yum,yum.And he was so annoying then when he was going he saw  a lion.

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100wc 21/10/16 Chloe H

As the steel spider made a metal web people were getting scared but it was just a halloween decoration. People were looking out there window and people were getting a shook people were having to keep there window shut and blinds shut so they don’t get shocked anymore. Then if people needed shopping the have to get a order not go out and get it.Suddenly someone reported it and then the spider catcher came and took the metal spider so people could go and get shopping once again.

  Then people were safe once again.

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Harley 100wc

As charlie woke up he went to school after he when to the shop he slowly pot the money on the sid to buy the chocolate. When he opand it he found a bit of gold so he shall tid i have got the last ticket.can charly show his ticket to his grandad and he sedy have tsom everyone. When charlie said have a bit he had it all to his sawf then he liked the choklat and etit ole. the en charly sed he is going to bed. When he went to the chocolate factory so he went inside the factory. When the faktry wos opan he likt ol the fode.

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Bobi 100wc

In the silvery moonlight a shriek of happy dreams flying through my window. I was dosing of.All i heard was BANG!.I look out of my window. All i can see is a big black thing across the road . The window flashed open,it went dark . what is happening? Suddenly it felt as if i was in a giant’s hands running.I Don’t know where i was.It lookt like a chocolat factory.But i was still scard. I dropt into a boiling hot tub with my clouse on i’m so scared,nervous and worried.please help

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Aroura 100wc

Charlie fell asleep.He was dreaming about giants.He met a giant called the big lovely giant she heard charlie’s belly grumble over and over he was hungry.She took him to her house.When they arrived the big lovely giant gave him a peach it was bigger than two elephants “wow” said charlie. He started to eat.After 10 hours he was finished “yum” that was nice.The big lovely giant stood there with her mouth open.She turned the telly on and drank pickle and cucumber juice after 6 hours he woke up and realized it wasn’t a dream.

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Ruby 100wc

The Twits

Mr Twit had a plan for a trick to play on his Wife:he would put a frog in Mrs Twit` bed. He caught a big one down by the pond and carried it back secretly in a

Box. That night , When Mrs Twit was in the bathroom getting ready for bed, Mrs Twit slipped the frog between her sheets. Then he got into his own bed and

Waited for the fun to begin. Mrs Twit came back and climbed into her bed
And put out the light.

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Tia 100wc

In the silver moonlight a streak of happy dreams came flying through my window. Immediately I fall asleep.BANG!BANG!BANG!all I could here was banging outside. What was it. Ass quick as lightning I hid under my couther.The window flashed open,it got darker and darker and i got lifted higher and higher. What is happening?Suddenly it felt as if I was in a joints hands running.I don’t know where I was it looked like a chocolate factory. But I was still scared.I dropped into a boiling hot tub with my cloud on i’m scared.

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Ronnie F 100wc

As charlie ,grandpa joe and mr Wonka entered the elevator . the elevator starter to go loud because it was lifting off . they went flying fro the roof . chary said we can see my house . mr wonka said push any button lets go to my house to have dinner mr wonka said ok lets some fun . Mr walker said faster faster now. They landed like qwik as a flash. Charys mum said god you did not go fro the roof , do you want dinner. Yes please. ok thats have dinner . charley hapled hand shaking mr wonka said i have not had a mill in 11 years . and they all live happily all together.

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David 100wc

This is what you need to make a dream :

•fungus fun
•150 milliliters of action
•Venom from a Snozzwanger And love

First find some fungus fun, chop it and pop it in a pot.

Get the jar of action. Grab 150 milliliters pop it in the pot and stir for 10 minutes.
By Snozzwanger venom and pour it all in the pot. Stir while heating and you should have a pot of dreams. Put one dream in an instrument and blow a dream into a child and watch them wake up (excited or miserable) If it doesn’t work send the dream to me.

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Chloe M 100wc

One stormy night, in the dark gloom, a little girl named Chloe layed in fear. She lived in a small orphanage in a small town. As she crept out of bed, a floorboard creaked. Just then a door swung open. It was the headmistress, Miss Sunny! ‘Who’s that out of bed!’ She yelled. Miss Sunny was the complete opposite of her name. She was horrible. ‘Um, Chloe Miss.’ ‘Well get back in, and stay there.’ Chloe crawled back into bed, and the door slammed. Ignoring Miss Sunny’s instructions, she got back out of bed, and over to the window. In the distance, she could see a shadowy figure getting closer and closer. Within the blink of an eye, the figure was standing right in front of her.

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Jacob 100wc

As charlie and grandpa Jo turned to the left and right they finally made it out of the wide corridors. TheY looked in front of them it was the chocolate room. Oh my god said charley with a smile woo hoo. Oompa Loompas began to sing. It was beautiful. charlie clapped and cheered in one minute they got straight back to werk. and they went in the jelly boat and in the dark cave with noone steering. Every one screamed “ou” then holographs pictures came up. Wonk sung a song. He’s singing, ignore him said Violets’ Dad.

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Porcha 100wc

One miserable day charlie got out for his small bed and was on his way to school and then he saw a massive shadow coming towards his face he was fritesd in fiir and then he saw a big man. He went up to charlie and said hello what is your name my name is charlie and i live in londen back away for here my mum wanted us to go on holiday wats your name my name is the BFG and i cume from a far away places in a wonder land on other side of the world.

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Chloe H 100wc

As the sun shone in his room onto his face, he knew the day would be just outstanding. He got out his small bed he got dressed and wore blue skinny jeans and a light blue top. He was on his went to the kitchen to have breakfast he had toast with butter on. Then he went to school then he saw a big shadow right in front of him it was a tall,skinny and angry man at in a flash. He took Charlie outside of a factory. It looked like chocolate. He went inside…

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Maizie 100wc

The twits were lazy,boring and very dirty. Mr twit had a very long beard, which every crummy dinner he had all of the crumbs tumbled down into his beard. Mrs twit however was far from ok, she was very overweight and they never washed.

Matilda and mrs Trunchbull were not the best of mates mrs Trunchbull was at matilda’s throught all of the time.

James found something very large,he did not know what it was he was very confused, he did not know what to do. James climbed into the big thing help me now…

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Rosie 100wc

One stormy night, a little girl named Rosie woke up to the gloom of the night.She lived in an old orphanage, and the head called miss hair not looked nice , sounded nice but was the opposite to all of it. She was horrible. As Rosie stepped out of her bed the door slammed closed she could not see a thing so she turnt on her lamp and went to go and see what the time was. Suddenly there was a crash, so she looked out of her window and there was a dark black gloomy shadow so she ran back to her bed.

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Reece 100wc

The BFG watched the Bloodbottler and Fleshlumpeater have a grim fight near the cave. Sophie was told to stay in the deepest part of the dark gloomy cavern and to be quiet. Outside the cave, the Bloodbottler then had a clubbing blow to the face from the Fleshlumpeaters stone club which had snapped in half from the colossal impact. Sophie covered her tiny ears from the roaring giants who were having a fight to the death which was loud. The two giants both were armed with the knives they made a couple of days ago, they stabbed each other in the head chest leg and back. Finally the Bloodbottler put a knife through the Fleshlumpeaters head and killed him. Then Sophie found out they were cannibals the other giants ate the blood stained giant’s dead body.

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