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100 WC Mya and Rio

One day Rio, my cousin and I, were at school and we went to play and ate our snack. After break we went back to class for more hard lessons and learning. Rio was asked a few questions about maths whilst I was working hard in literacy writing a story about happy endings. After lunch we were reading a book. As I looked around, we saw a mystical figure floating around outside the classroom window. I told my teacher and she couldn’t see anything so she carried on with the lesson. Rio said “there it is Mya and the teacher told them to stop talking”…..

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The easter snowflake

                                                                                             THE EASTER SNOW FLAKE

Marissa swayed in her old,weared out chair she was exhausted of staying at home all the time waiting for something to happen.It did.The door bell rang.Creeping down the stairs afraid of what might happen -no one had rang her rusty,already dead bell for years,decades.As she opened her door a strange light came in -it was the sun-along with a strange figure;it had pointy, ears grey ,pink ,wet nose 

“Will you give me a carrot?” asked the stranger warily 

“No,sir – I barley have anything to eat my self!”

“Very well I shall have you instead”


Years later, in the place where the  lady was eaten,there grew millions of colorfull  eggs there was one – it kept the love of easter on the earth . Children walked by – but they could not the egg……

In the place of the egg was a snowflake



by Karolina

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paint,paint and more paint.T.S 100 wc rjs

Me and my friend Jem were at the Dominos pizza parlour when I heard a strange noise coming towards us so I ran down the street,up the road and jumped into the dustbin with Jem and hid their until there was no noise! When all was silent I got out of the bin and fell down this hole!When I esculated to the bottom there was no sign of Jem so i carried on down on this funny corridoor to find my way out of this place I went into this room and saw loads of art equiptment so I sat down and had a rest.


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Jem.J 100WC

I’m Jeff and this is Bob. Bob can’t speek so I’m talking insted.

It was the most mysteares thing you’ve ever seen.   The site of it nearly blined me.   We couldn’t beleev the amount of paint.   Then there was a funny noise: tttrruuuuuuuuummmppppp!!!!!!! and some-one said “that was not ment to happen, HONESTLY!”

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A magical world By Ellie mae

One gloomy night, three children found them selfs in a magical world full of  fierce and gooey monsters.Suddenly  Ben found this dark place which had never ever  been seen before .Ben shouted “Molly Lisa look at this.” He found a art gallery with bright paint,pencles and a blank piece  of paper just sitting there waiting to be painted on.

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Week #7 Prompt

Now, the prompt this week is:

…slowly the sky got darker…

Make sure it is your BEST creative writing using only 100 words. We have had some very silly pieces that don’t make sense! This is your chance to show off to the the world!

The link will close on Saturday 19th October

Want to know how to enter the 100 word challenge with this prompt? Have a look at Mrs Tunnicliffe’s blog post here to find out more.

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100 Word Challenge (Week 6) 7th – 11th October

Here is the prompt for this week’s 100 word challenge. Have a look at the picture and write 100 words which include the phrase…


…looking down, I was surprised to see…


This week you’re allowed 107 words – your 100 words and the seven words that have been given to you.


Want to find out more? Have a look at the 100 word challenge blog:


p.s. If you do your own 100wc at home, let Mrs Tunnicliffe know and she will make your writing available for the WORLD to see!

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