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josh’s 100 word challenge

Years ago in a ghost town children telling each other story’s. Shining the light above his face the light was so bright that it shone the hole room. But one night  it all went wrong. One night telling each other spooky story’s something spooky happened while telling story’s  someone crept up upon the children BOO!!!!!! . The children freaked out and screamed…

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craigs 100 word chalenge

In London about five years go, in 2010 lived a boy who had a bedroom. It was so bright birds came and sat on the window sill every morning before school. The little boy liked it. He was only in year 3 and he new how to make breakfast and get dressed by his self. His mum was amazed His  mum said  he would be a celebrity when he’s older because he was so clever and he’s   an amazing singer and also he is really good at maths.

The  next day he set of for school. When he reached school, his teacher said were learning about 12 times tables. the boy said “I am good at them”. Whilst every one else was struggling, the boy was wizzing throw them.When he got home, suddenly there was a man ,who wanted  to give him a contract for his singing, because it was so good. The boy said yes and lived his life being famous THE END.

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Sports day at sSouth downs college

The hole of year 5 did a mini Olympics at South downs college.

We did things like basketall,benchball,rock cimbing and when the othor class whent all the othors played some more basketball I liked all of it me and my freind harry rose was in the same group so all of it as ok. My faverout part was rock climbing but the only thing is was that when they unstraped the harnest the rope swung up and hit me in the eye and fo 15 minets I was in a lot of pain but the first aiders gave me a cold compress to hold on it but it was stil fun.                                                                            BY KAI CREAMER


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Amy, 5P

The red shed

I was playing hide and seek and ran into my great grandfather’s red  shed . I started to get bored after a while so I took my pink shoes off and grabbed a blanket to have a nap … I woke up in a dark place. My shoes and blanket were gone. What was going on? I was petrified. I didn’t know what to do. I froze and I strangely had scratches all up my arm so I got up and saw a doorknob. I tried to get out but every time I pulled it, I felt a tight knot around my neck…

By Amy 5P .



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Oliver 5S Week #11

Standing like a block of ice remembering those who gave their lives for our country, I felt Sumba emotions as I heard the beautiful sound of the trumpets. Suddenly all these thoughts came rushing through my head. Guns blazing. Horses crying. Soldiers shouting. I thought strongly of my great grandfather who fought for his family. As the day past I kept getting these serial flashbacks. Then the next day I could see all of these poppies which grew over the dead bodies lying in the ground. Back my life I felt a miserable tear trickle down my crumpled face. What shall I do with my life?

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Oliver ,5s week8

Like a bat in the dark creeping from the shadows, the frozen creature breathed hard. Looking around I couldn’t see a thing. When suddenly I shook as if a snake was slithering on my back. All in one moment the elusive creature must have stepped on the old cree3ky floorboard. I flinched. Gooey thick liquid oozed into the air right infront of my face. Dusk edged closer. I felt more and more frightened every minute I was there. I watched the food every second get smaller and smaller. I heard a knock as if someone was there. I saw a sillouhette moving towards me …
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lewis 5p

Today I went to the funfair. It  was the first time I’ve been there .Me, my two brothers, my mum and my dad walked in the entrance. There was games everywhere. I ran to a booth it had a funny looking orange  character and a tortoise. I turned around I saw my friend ben. I waved to him in excitement. I walked towards him suddenly I fell   over  on to the pavement. It was really embarrassing .Ben ran towards me to help me up . He said  are you alright I said yes .Then me and ben went on the carousel ride. It was fun.


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Ethan 5p

The funny clown juggled oranges in the circus but unfortunately he dropped them on his head. When he had picked all the oranges up he waved goodbye to the audience and walked off the stage. All you could hear behind stage was WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO after a couple of minutes the sound started to die down. Outside there was a tortoise dancing on the scorching hot pavement, everybody was intrigued on what they saw people where stood there for hours watching this amazing dancing turtle finally the turtle stopped dancing and walked back over to his owner, he loved dancing a lot goodbye

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The black room – Kyle, 5S

I trembled through the deep dark forest shrieking for help. A pack of ferocious grey wolves chased after me and wouldn’t give up.I picked up the biggest stick I could find to fend them off but it was no use. Eventually they lost my scent and went away , I came to a house.I entered. All I could see was a black room.It was ice cold my heart was pounding like a cheetahs footsteps. I edged closer forwards when. I woke up sighed with relief because it was only a nightmare, turned over and went back to sleep.

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Hippty hop do the pavement trot

Doppty   dop do the toirtoise move

Orangy orange  get grooving on it

When you have a poem just groove along

When you take a poem just laugh and dance

Bom Bom Bom

Wavy wavy waves waved like honey

Funny  fun , fun like family

Boppty bop

Hippty hop

Laugh like a screaming hyena

When you have a poem just groove along happily

When you take a poem just laugh and dance and have a ball

Bom bom bom

March march as loud as drums

Jump jump  like a rabbit

Move to the moving dance.

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Kiana, Year 5 Week 4

Pot of legs Week#4

It was a  Saturday morning and I thought  because of the weather outside  that I would go bike riding. I snatched the bike out of my shed and realised that there was a big pot of legs in there. Suddenly I saw it move, it jumped on the floor, flipped over and started to walk towards me.  “Who do you think you are disturbing me” he said cringing. “ahhhhh “. I grabbed the mallet and started to beat it. After a few minutes it was nothing but little bits. I happily swept it up and put it in the bin. That was the last of it… or was it.

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Lewis, 5P

Then I saw it. It was a massive  pot with legs coming out. I gasped in amazement but then there was a massive rumble then the gigantic pot turned over and was running towards me. I shrieked but I don’t think anyone heard me. I ran then dived under a table. I saw the massive beast walk around trying to figure out where I had gone. I looked down at the floor trying to figure out a plan to escape. Once more I looked at the beast but he was gone. Then I heard a thump.  He had flipped over the table. I ran under his pot… I found a button… I pressed it. He disappeared. I was safe.

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Today was the day Max went on a field trip to an historic museum in 5th avenue. Max, although he gets travel sick, was looking forward to it. His friend Rupert sat next to him on the bus .Max’s teacher Mr Hadley was an old Man in a wheelchair, as he was so delightful he took them to the Greek  Mythology section of the museum .Suddenly a weird statue came alive “take this golden sword “ shouted Mr Hadley loudly! The statue had a spiritual look .Suprisingly Rupert took his slingshot and hit the statue .Max attacked maliciously then BOOM!

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Lewis, 5P

I did not know what it was but it was moving closer and closer. I shouted hello but there was no answer.  I ran. I did not look behind me. I kept on running until I got to safety finally I saw a tree. I sprinted behind the tree to get a deep breath. I quietly peeped my head but the light was not there

.all I heard was weird scary voices. I pulled my head back behind the tree but all I saw now was darkness. Then I finally saw no more darkness it was now crystal clear. I again looked around the tree the light vanished into thin air I was safe.







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Kiana, 5P

And then I saw a bright light……  It was a zombie! I tried to run but there were lots and there was no way of escaping. I got so scared that I struggled to breath and the worries were tingling the back of my throat. I shouted and screamed but I don’t think anyone heard me. This was it I have to escape but how? I checked my pockets but all I found was an empty sweet wrapper from yesterday. I had to escape the hard way. I slid under the zombies legs and ran to safety. I didn’t tell anyone what happened as they would scream.

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Ethan, 5P

One day I went out to look at the stars with my telescope. I started to set it out and then I saw a really bright light flying across the sky, it started to hurt my eyes a little. I dropped my telescope in amazement, I quickly picked it  up and ran over to where it had landed. I saw lots and lots of smoke then I heard a creak it sounded like a door which needed wd40, I started to get a little scared I stepped away. Then I saw a shadow in between the smoke a voice said” I come in peace” bellowed a voice.

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Amy, 5P

It was a dark and cold night I was staring at the stars under a tree sheltering myself. Then I saw a bright light and rubbed my eyes wondering what it was it was coming closer and closer. I started to worry and I felt a tight force against my chest and it landed on the road. Something came out it was yellow and slimy I tried to hold my scream it touched my shoulder .Then said I come in peace but give me my cape you got it on I said oh my dad gave it to me after he went to space he said it’s mine and took it and transported home.

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Oliver, 5S 100 Word Challenge

James lived with his parents in a council flat in America. everyday James had to go to school in an unknown area .one day James was trundling back from school when he just remember that fake wand that the bully from school tried to humiliate him with .He pulled it from his unnoticed pocket ,it started to glow and at that moment the what used to be beautiful sky went as pitch black as bats . After that I closed my book to go to bed and then I saw a bright light I stood frozen studying it very closely when there was a knock I shrieked!

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Ella, 5S 100 Word Challenge

Hi, my name is Rose, I am 10 years old. I lived on a farm but one night I thought I heard someone call me so I looked out of my window, there was nothing there so I got back in bed only half an hour later there it was again so I got out of bed got my clothes and coat on and went outside and then I saw a bright light I felt the hairs on my back shivering I knew something wasn’t right. I suddenly I found myself on the floor looking up seeing 20 spiral eyes looking at me like I’m the alien.

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Kyle’s 5S 100 Word Challenge

It was 3.00pm when my plane to the Amazon was ready for take-off. It was a long tiring journey but luckily the aeroplane I was flying in had TV’s installed in it. We were at the airport waiting for our bags to arrive. When the bags were delivered I was very happy because now I could start my adventure. I staggered off the plane and strolled into the forest. I foraged through the forest, and then I saw a bright light! Somehow it was moving, flying around. I ran after the light as fast as I could eventually I caught it and realized it was a firefly.

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