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kierons 100 wc

A windy and stormy night Cosmic was roaming the old streets of the x and y war stood there a stone couch. Which had a million little men inside of it which had agreed that if a giant came they would form an army to make a giant. But Cosmic shrunk down to their size to reason with them and then darkrai showed up and started causing havoc everywhere just to get the lord of darkness to make everything dark and gloomy but Cosmic stopped him and saved the day but all is not well lurking in the shadows is DESTROYER

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the history of the sofa – Ella R

4 years ago in a deserted park there was a house and it was demolished all the dust and ruins were swept away. But there was something strange going on when people would attempt to move it it would become more and more heavy. So everyday it would be pushed closer and closer to the edge of the pond until one day it would be shoved off the side. But every time they moved it it moved back to it’s original position on the park green. But how did the sofa move back to there no one knows how or who does it.

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Daisy Week 21

Target:spaces and capitals
It was one cold and misty night when there was a power cut throughout the whole city, the electrician banged on our front door and laughed a nasty,evil laugh.Me and my friends ran up stairs because the sound of the nasty,evil laugh was deafining.It became silent and that was a good sign but that silence was deafining.Oh no Mr Pygot walked through the door me and saffron hid under my quilt and said “hide our litracy books.He said “have you got any more of those cupcakes you had on your birthday you said I could have another one saffron said “ I had my fingers crossed and It was mr harrisons cupcake.Mr pygot said “well it was mine because it was on my desk”.

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Jess, Elsie and Shayla Week 19

It was midnight and all was quiet. As Shayla, Jess and Elsie crept down the steep old creaky stairs down, down, down they went until finally they came to the green, rackety door. Slowly they crept out and shut the door behind them. They were casually walking down the road when all of a sudden as they turned the corner of the street they saw a bright yellow neon door right in front of them. As the girls followed Elsie into a land of candyfloss, candy bows were floating in the misty, glittery, purple sky. All of a sudden they woke up and it was all a dream.


By Shayla, Jess, Elsie

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Kira Week 19

I could hear the wind whistling in the distance.

I could hear the animals playing and finding their prey.

I could hear the branches snapping.

I could see red eyes gleaming through the trees.

I could see a family walking along the slushy mud.

I could see leaves falling from tall trees.

I could feel the cold shiver up my spine

I could feel the rain hitting my face.

I could feel someone tapping my shoulder.

I touched a cold slimy tree.

I touched a log that looked like a giant.

I touched a strey lonely cute homeless dog

I feel my heart beating fast.


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Tillie Week 19

One day i was walking to school and i met up with my freainds.later on when i had finshed school i was soo boerd so i decided to play my xbox.Whilst i was on my xbox i was playing minecraft.Later on i suddenly heard a noise out side i sneakly  peered out of my window and saw nothing.Then 1 hour later i heard that strange noise again so out side again and this time our bin was shaking vilently.So i went outside and looked in the bin POUNCE a baby fox jumped out into my arms so i saw its family out of the corner of my eye  so i jently layed it carfully with his lovely family.


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Leanne Week 19

Suddenly there stood a strange figure in the street light. “Come with me child” he said. Pip slowly stepped back. “Don’t be scared my child,” Pip slowly tried to step back again. “If you don’t come with me I will curse you’re family.” Pip, without thinking ran away in a hurry. The monstrous man just stood there. Pip ran, ran and ran. As she came to an ally way she thought she was going to have a heart attack, but just as she was about to stop she came to her front door and ran…  

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Trinity Week 19

On Friday night, I went outside to go for a walk because it was so hot in the house. When I was out, I saw something so I followed it. It disappeared. I saw it again, but in the forest this time, so I got down and said “Who are you?” it ignored me then disappeared. Frightened, I dragged myself back and said to myself “I’m seeing things I’m sure I am!” but then I slipped down the mud into a ditch. Seeing a piece of paper, I picked it up and saw writing.  I opened it. It said “You are not seeing things…. “

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tyler week 18

It was a sunny day as the hot summer sun was just going down and the moon was coming up.I squeezed into my pyjamas and jumped into bed.I closed my eyes and I was dreaming that I bounced on a pink ,sticky and scrumptious pillow.It smelt quite funny.I got up and there infront of me was a house of sweets it had candy canes for its candy garden chocolate buttons for the roof ginger bread for the walls and whip cream around the edges. what was that i could feel rapping round my neck tightly? it was a…

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Tayler Week 19

To make sure I don’t put Capital letters in middle of sentences.


“C’mon sentinel don’t lie!”

“Im not I don’t even come from this planet!” I said

“Fine I’ll guess he is not one of them ,look Sarg just train him to be one of us and if you let him I’ll train him. We are the most elitess trained people on this Damn planet!”said the man

“We will train him if hes not good enough we lock you and him up and then
kill you ok!”Said presumably the Sergeant

I was transported to an armory of guns and more more guns.

“pick it up private we be doing a simulation of raiding a Sentinel outpost!”said my new trainer

I picked up an AK 74U and a laser pistol we trotted on to a street of darkness.

Street lights  beamed into my face.

“sentinel go Jack take him down!”Shouted the instructor

I aimed my gun then POW POW POW!

I killed him! Am I qualified?        Who knows?


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Daisy Week 19

Target: Full stops and capital letters

There was one lonely cold winters night and I was on my way home and I felt like I was being followed all the way home. I was  also starting to feel scared.It was pitch black and I leged it to the front door I ran inside and was panting really fast I fainted,I woke up and I was in the back of a van I was terrified to find there was no exit.The dirty man pulled me out and strapped me two the chair he looked me in a room and said “say your last words” I said “why”.


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Rex 100 wc

what was that i could feel

A ninja called Link protected Japan with a sword from the legendary sword, his nemesis was a samurai who had a clan that took control of five districts. Link became impatient to battle the samurai so he trained trained and trained for months, Months later Link was ready to battle, As he ran across the roofs they saw him the archers made arrow storms many came close to killing, He thought what was that i could feel? he used an attack called soul steal to defeat the clan and make him strong, As he leaped from the sky he killed the samurai

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Kieron’s 100 wc week 18


It was a cold,dark and stormy night. The town was deserted no people in that town except for one person his name was Alfie with his pet pig Jimmy. They were wandering around the town. Then Alfie sees someone in a building with the light on who could it be. He walked out of the building jimmy attacked him. But Cosmic stopped jimmy. They had a talk and found more people but what was that i could feel? The rain on my back but it wasn’t normal rain it was icy rain and icy rain was icicles turned into a ice monster …


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Katherine Week 18 100WC

100 word challenge week 18


On sunday , me and my dad went to the car boot sale and we went to every single stall until  we come  to the lucky dip stand and i had a go at  it and what was that i could feel it was all slimy and scaly when i picked it up it was a venomous snake so i dropped it on the floor and it slithered into a bush and they had to call pest control and it turned out it was a prank and the boy got told off badly.


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the slender story 100 wc ethan a

As I was walking through the dark scary woods something touched me it felt weird, I thought what could it be! What was that I could feel is it a spider is it slenderman well I don’t know I got extremely scared because I didn’t know what touched me.furthermore I saw a page it said i’m coming after you if you don’t get out of my woods!!! As well as, I heard a scream so I ran I ran as fast as I can until I saw where the scream came from. It was jeff my best friend he was lying on the ground with a knife in his heart with a note next to the body. The note said (slender did this) I quickly told everyone as fast as I can we also still miss jeff.

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mia week 18


100 word challenge week 18


One day I went out to visit a wild place where there are lots of animals and I it was a really long day and I went to sleep,then I had a dream suddenly I felt something crawl up my leg then I opened my eyes and there was something on my face,what was that I could fell ? I took the animal off of my  face and it was a lizard  I put it down on the floor and it ran away really fast and I got up to look outside and there were lots of animals.


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charlie 100 wc week 18

Are you expecting a mario story well not today this series its a start of the fnaf show (five nights at freddys show)…

Night 1 week 1

Hi my name is Mike Schmidt and I’m a security guard at Freddy Fazbear Pizza but I’m not defending the pizzaria I’m defending myself from the animatronics. On the show stage there are Bonnie, Freddy and Chica. Oh no Bonnie went off the stage to the dining area, Chica has gorn aswell to the toilets. Christ where did Bonnie go I put the cam down and Bonnie jumpscared me, I died and got stuffed in to a Chica suit the end or is it…

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ARCHIE.B 2015 100WC #18

One day in my apartment I woke up and got dressed. Then I went down to my garage to choose what car to drive. I chose my Adder which is the fastest car in the game . Its a black, green and has my crew emblem on it. I drove outside quietly to find my friend standing there with a gun ping at my eyes. In the blink of an eye he shot both of my eyes. Petrified, I discovered I was blind. What was that I could feel? It was a silencer on a gun pointing at my head and band I was dead. When I respawned I was not blind…………………

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week 18 elizabeths 100 WC

I was in an epic mine and was just travelling to find the diamonds. Suddenly I as falling down down ,down. Then when I woke up I found myself trapped in a cage. I was terrified ,upset and spooked. I looked down and saw a radio .Unexpectedly, the radio started to play horrifying ghost music ‘ 1, 2 Freddy’s coming for you 3, 4 better lock your door’. I felt wind rushing around me then I turned around to see a shadow. What was that I could feel? I was confused. I turned back around but no one was here…

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Trinity week 18

On Saturday I asked my mum if I could go out and she said for only half an hour. I quickly got dressed, got my coat on and went to the front door and slammed it behind me. I grabbed my watch from the shed then off I went. Suddenly, I saw a forest so I went in. Half way through I saw a cottage so I carefully and excitedly approached. The door slammed behind me. What was that I could feel? I looked behind me but there was nothing there. I noticed it had been half an hour but I couldn’t get out…..

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dylan week18

it was a hard life for {Goku} me. bang Goku hit by a cat in the eye. then I got hit by a Ferrari f50. ahhh that heat mate. wow people started coming. rrruuuuuuuuunnnrrr. zombie attack. Bang through the distance. it was gohan with his ray gun. yaaaaayy. “save us Gohan” said Goku. “Gohan parsed the ray gun thanks”. what was that I could fell? awche I got bite. my arms turned green. and I started shrinking. Gohan shoot me in the arm. blood pored out of me all over the place. Gohan shoot the leader and every one tern back to normal;.

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Alfie lee week 18

Stretched out in the African sun purring to myself because it had been a busy day. I started with buffalo hunting, it was extraordinary considering we didn’t catch anything it was fun to run around in the sun playing with my brothers.Then we went ghazal chasing
surprisingly there was none there that was sad. At least i can still go to the water hole and we saw loads of ghazals.As thoughts of the day gone by I felt a little pitter patter on my neck it was a defensless gecko.


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spacerocket Warfare by tayler week~18

After the spaceCraft crash and the fate of the planet earth Jack,Steve and Skylar Adventures into the alien world,

“So we just witnessed the death of humanity!” said Jack

“Basically Oi what is thi-

A laser bullet flew past me

“Get Down!”shouted Steve

“We gotta get the Laser Pistols from the cockpit of our Rocket!

“I’ll do it” said John he ran to the cockpit.

“Got Them! all four of them !” Pow John fell on the dusty ground Dead! The Pistols Flew under a dead fern. I slid and grab the pistols but I fell down a chasm then as I got up from my deadly fall a man Holding a Pistol at my head

“Get up GET UP! Now are you part of the sentinels or part of the Atlas rescue team?”came the man in white robes

“What No im not from this planet I come from Earth! where am I me and, my crew we crashed here!”I said

what was that I could fell? I had a paranoid feeling I turned around then a person with a blackedout face spoke.

“Take him captive sarg! We’ll teragate him tonight but for the time being find his crew he spoke of Go now sarg!

I was took away in to the darkness of the Sky light into a base made from cold stone maybe its the fate of me who knows?.


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camran week 18

it was a normal life me and goharm my annoying bro it was one stormy night when an mysterious gust of wind hit my room then i peered out my front door to see a ghostly cabin and just at that moment a Ferrari f50 crashed into my rib cage and sped away then the ghostly cabin let out a zombie eclipses and they raided every house in the street and saw me and i tried to drag myself across the ruff grass to safety but … what was that i felt a zombie was behind me with an Axe Ahh !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Bridgets 100 word challenge #week 18

100 word challenge #week 18        19.1.15


Dear diary,


Yay !!! Its friday my birthday I opened my first present what was that i could feel? I pulled it violently to see it i loved it , it was a charm bracelet from my bestie x Jess then after i had opened my presents me and Jess had some chocolate cake then we went upstairs and had a manicure then we went to the train station to go to Southampton for a huge shopping spree then after that we had a sleepover it was fabulous we had the best day eves it was a shame it had to be over waaaaaaaaaa !!!

Good luck diary

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100 word challenge week 18 leanne

One night I was in my room ready to go to bed. So I got into bed and turned of the lights. When it was about two oclock in the morning, I woke up and plade on my phone for half an hour. After I plade on my phone, I layed in the dark thinking about what will happen tomorrow at school. But all of a sudden I felt something wooly,soft and prickly on my back and thought to myself what was that I could feel? Suddenly I clicked the light on and found out that the mysterious creature was my cat coming to get its teddy bear.

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Oliver week 18 100 wc

What was that I could feel? It was a tingling up my spine, a strange feeling in my gut.The more I thought about it, the more terrified I became. If It could touch me, If I could feel it, then it was alive. I didn’t dare turn around. Fearful, terrified but intrigued I slowly risked it ; there was nothing but the thin freezing air that crashed against my confused face. In a split second a huge BANG, a deafening one  filled my ears. I was now knocked out cold.Where was I going to awaken? I will never know.

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100 wc Ella

As I lept up from my seat in the cinema as my mum covered her eyes “ AHHHHHHH “ my screams echoed around the room my mum now holding her heart.
When i left the cinema i said
“ That film was amazing mum “
“ That mockingjay film scared the living daylights out of me, what do you mean it was amazing “ said my mum .
writhing with energy i bounced of the walls my mum is now becoming paranoid with the fact that i am showing her what was that i could feel i turned around and five fingers laid themselves on my soldier i gasped for air and turned back around TO FIND IT WAS my mum aghhh …

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harry r year 6 week 18

Saturday night me and my friends are at a party.The lights started to twitch on and off, it looked scary went the lights went off. we heard a scream from someone, so then the lights they went of and did not come back. on so then the horror started then the nartzies started to attake us and we all ran in fear and terror, whilst we ran for our life I then tripped up and what was that I could feel? Then I turned around it was a narzie and he swong his hands at my…

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DAISY week 18

Yay! It’s Friday and it’s my birthday and I’m having a party and 10 of my friends are coming. There will be lots of food and fizzy drink and the most important thing is…the swimming pool in my backyard .2 hours later… I whispered ”Mum everyone is here and you haven’t set up the pool
“I have another thing in my mind how about a guess what’s in the box game as we’re going to have a lot of rain”
“Mum that sounds like a fantastic idea lets go and find some thing’s to put in the boxes 30 minutes later!
I shouted ”mummy can we bring down the boxes for our game please I whispered”yes”
I put my hands in the box and in my head I was thinking what was that I could feel?it was a ….puppy I said”thank you soo much”
and we all ate lots of food.

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