How have we used our 100 words this week?

charles week 20 100 wc

Target: For my 100 words to make sense

-someones watching tv until 4am
-then a special episode comes on and feel drawn to the screen
-climb in the tv and are in the twisted world
-hyenas are miserable, the sun is grey, trees are red, sandwiches are the wrong way round

I was watching tv until 4am there was a special episode of the amazing world of gumball. I felt
drawn to the screen so the tv sucked me into the twisted world of…….

hyenas, which are blue, were hanging from the tree looking misreble. also the sun was grey so the whole world was in a ice age. there was really disterbing it was red trees I was really confused and the worst thing ever the sandwiches were the WRONG WAY ROUND they were…

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  1.   Laura Alonso Says:

    I love how you have planned out your story and that also shows imagination. You used some nice images in your story – the coloured trees and the ice age world. I’m not happy about the ending because the sandwiches made me laugh and I would like to know more!
    Laura A, Team100, Luxmebourg

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