How have we used our 100 words this week?

charlie 100 wc week 21

Target: to make sure my story makes sense

I like bananas….

but I didn’t when I was born, this is the story of five nights at… CHARLIE’S well my life so yeah.

my earliest memories are of a dark room whith ½ of the room light up not my side though I’m coverd in blood. oh no Im just born put me back but know one could under stand me I was wondering why but the silence was defining so archie cried and I jumped out the window… and died forever my mum died of deprecion but i came back to life and I said hi good bye

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  1.   Mr Addison Says:

    I don’t think that you have met your target this week Charlie. Read this again, does it make sense? Why did you jump out of the window? Could you jump out of the window if you had just been born?
    Think about your writing before submitting it.

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