How have we used our 100 words this week?

charlie d 100 wc week 13! game land adventure!

In a mystical land far, far away there is a place called gameworld every game character has a universe but one day the king of gameworld got shot to death. Mario ,who saved the industry, and sonic ,the blue dash, had to solve a mystery but as the leaves rustled they could not find it out.
but as the leaves rustled below us we just could not find them after a while we ran into are rivals eggman and bowser we had a fight to the death and we won and they we the murderers the end

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2 Responses to “charlie d 100 wc week 13! game land adventure!”

  1.   Mrs Harris (Team 100) Says:

    This is great work Charlie, I love the way you use use Mario and Sonic in your story. I can see you were excited about ending your story because you weren’t so careful checking spelling and punctuation at the end!

  2.   Helen Whittaker (team 100WC) Says:

    I like the way you started this week’s 100WC. You’ve punctuated very well to start with particularly where you added in the extra character information inside commas – Mario, who saved the industry,….. A good way to make sure your punctuation is as good all the way through is to read your writing back to yourself and then add in anything missing. (and take out words where you have repeated yourself)

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