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charlie d 100wc week 14

In the middle of the 8-bit ocean two iconic video game characters named sonic and we will reveal it at the end so sonic and … traveled to solve the black hole in game world. A flower cloud passed and it shot fire at are ship and they luckily got to land. they were there for a 100 years.

100 years later, they both got saved by a helicopter and the people driving it were bowser and eggman. they wanted revenge and they almost got them in to a pool of poison but we got out and kicked them into the poison and killed them as soon as we stop them they found the remote for the black hole and shut it off. the end plus the guys name was mario.

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  1.   Mr G, Sheffield, UK (Team 100WC) Says:

    Aha! Mario! Of course Charlie. It sounds like quite some adventure in 8-bit land. I wasn’t quite sure who was after revenge though – Sonic and Mario? Or Bowser and Eggman? (Don’t forget names have capital letters). Which character would you rather be?
    Well done and keep rising to the Challenge.

  2.   Laura Alonso Says:

    Wow! This is some adventure you describe. I was hoping it was going to be Mario! My favourite part was about the flower cloud. Poor them being stuck for 100 years!
    Keep up the good work and imagination!
    Laura A, Team100, Luxembourg

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