How have we used our 100 words this week?

charlie d 100 word challenge week 7


When I was defending myself from enemy fire, I got shot in both of eyes. Slowly i lost my vision then…     suddenly I was able to see again. Scarily i was in a temple getting roasted on a giant stick. Slowly i thought I was going to die then somehow the nerd jumped through the window and untied me. I could not believe the smell it was like rooten flesh So we killed every person in that temple then the giant fat elephant rat came back so we slashed its head of then it turned into a rat so we did the same and it died.


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3 Responses to “charlie d 100 word challenge week 7”

  1.   Mrs T Says:

    Wow! A lot happened in your 100 words, Charlie. You’ve packed your sentences with actions by using amazing sentence starters like ‘When…’ and ‘Slowly…’

    I’m a little confused about where your character is though? In the war? In a temple? In a fantasy story with giant, man-eating rats? Try to choose where you are basing your story – and stay there. That way, your reader won’t be as confused.

    Much improved punctuation this week though 😀

    Mrs Tunnicliffe

  2.   Carole (Team 100WC) UK Says:

    Mrs T has given you some very good advice, Charlie. I see that you also seem to have combined the challenge from the previous week too. I like the way you started the sentence with ‘Scarily’. Look out for ‘i’ – it needs to be a capital – I.

  3.   Mrs DW Team 100 Says:


    I was racing along with you theough all the genres you included. I agree with Mrs T that deciding on the setting for the story will help the reader.

    However you have some amazing ideas.

    I look forward to the next one.

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