How have we used our 100 words this week?

Daisy week 23

Target:speech marks
It was a boring day and I was bored out of my mind and me and my mum wanted to go for a drive in our new car. Mum took the wrong lane leading into London and she said “Oh my god I just took the wrong lane and it looks like we are going to London!”
I said “YAY thanks mum.”
she said “I was not supposed to take you here, your dad is going to be worried sick.”
4 hours later….. we arrived at London. Me and mum decided to stop at a cafe for a snack.”I really need the toilet mum“ “go then its right next to the bar” so I went into the females toilet and there was a tiny door and I wanted to go in so I did. WOW there was a huge stone sofa so I sat on it and I fell into a pit I was nervous ……

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2 Responses to “Daisy week 23”

  1.   raccoons Says:

    I really like it Daisy well done

  2.   Mr E-S team100wc Says:

    Nervous? I would be terrified if I fell into a pit after sitting on a stone sofa. Well done for writing a unique piece. Next time be careful to always write in sentences. Think carefully about when you need to pause whilst reading it back to yourself. Well done.

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