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elizabeth week 23 100wc

Strolling thirsty through the enchanted woods,looking around for a clue, I spotted a crusty bench and sat down on it too take a break, and right in front of me was a comfortable couch with a stone cat on it. I looked behind me to see if there was someone playing a trick on me.But no one was there… I looked back and the couch had gone. Confused and scared I looked up in the tallest trees. There was a man standing there . I ran home and when I stumbled in the door, the phone rang loudly then the door was knocked down…

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2 Responses to “elizabeth week 23 100wc”

  1.   raccoons Says:

    I liked it where you started with confused and scared also good description where you said there was a crusty bench

  2.   Jane Hewitt Says:

    You have built lots of tension into your story but I’m not sure what the link is between the couch, the man in the tree and your door being knocked down? Lots of questions to answer which is good but do you think that there should be some hints about how they link? Well tried Jane Team 100 WC Barnsley UK

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