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Emily 4a wc The witch

A    little  girl  called   Rebecca   was    opening   her  birthday   presents   and  when  mum   cried   out   “do  you  want  a   birthday  party    Rebecca?”     “yes  please”   said   Rebecca  exciedly.   When  it  was  Rebecca’s  party   a   good    looking   witch  called   skylar    was  here  to   trash  Rebecca’s    party    and    then  the  noise   stopped  when  skylar   warked   in.


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2 Responses to “Emily 4a wc The witch”

  1.   Penny Team 100WC Bristol UK Says:

    I like the idea of having your birthday party ‘trashed’ by a good looking witch! Check your work carefully, maybe by reading it back to someone to check punctuation. Good work – well done!

  2.   lucy and bowe Says:

    it is good

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