How have we used our 100 words this week?

Erin Week 23

Target : not to use ‘and’ so much…

It was a boring day. The weather was nice.Mum was ill so, I asked her if I could go to the enchanted woods. Everyday a new object would appear and each object had an owner. Once there was a pen and the owner was an octopus or another time there was a hair tie and the owner was a kangaroo. Once I got there, there was a sofa, a black dirty sofa with leaves on it. “ Hello who is there ?’’growled a voice. Suddenly a huge black hairy tarantula popped out of the blue… “ AHHHHH!’’ i yelled and ran home ; I hate spiders !

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  1.   raccoons Says:

    it is really good erin butt you added a comma were it said mum was ill so,i asked her

  2.   raccoons Says:

    this is so good erin i love it in the part where it says mum was ill so, i asked her. do you have to put a comma there so , i _
    from lizzy xxx

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