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Ethan Morris #W 23

I staggered down the dark and gloomy road, being careful of my every step. Suddenly I came across a mysterious sofa as hard as stone, I went to sit down but a tingle went through my body. Quickly I turned and backed away. As quick as a flash, arms jumped out of the sofa and grabbed me, I was helpless to stop them. Amazingly, I went into another vortex called the dark twinkle. The vortex came to a stop and I fell straight onto the hard rocky floor. In the distance, I heard marching coming towards me. Suddenly, a knife was put round my neck and it was slit…

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  1.   Mrs Skinner (Team100) Bristol UK Says:

    Wow Ethan, the hairs on the back of my neck are standing up! Great writing that built the tension for your readers. Your personalisation of the settee was super.My only picky point is about your throat being slit. Would you be able to write…?

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