How have we used our 100 words this week?

Kaci 100wc week 21

I was at school, the strangest thing happened there was a ear-piercing noise. The silence was deafening. Then all of a sudden a small little mouse came running out half of my class was so fascinated and the rest was shocked!
My teacher was petrified of mice she was telling everyone to stand on the table (which is naughty). Everyone was laughing at her.

By Kaci

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  1.   Mrs Pratt (Team 100WC) Says:

    Hi Kaci,

    I could definitely relate to the petrified teacher as I might have reacted in the same way! I really liked the way you used high level vocabulary in your story (ear-piercing, fascinated, petrified…) as this created a vivid image in your reader’s imagination. I don’t think you quite used the 100 words that you could have used, and I believe that you could have included more details after the ear-piercing noise happens, as your story goes from this very loud noise to a deafenig silence, without transition, which is a tad confusing. Apart from that, I enjoyed your piece very much.
    Keep on reading and keep on writing!

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