How have we used our 100 words this week?

kai week 20

Hi it’s me again but this time I’m reading you a diary that my child Tyler wrote me last week.

Hi daddy last week I went to the zoo with mummy and uncle Darren. Firstly we went to the birds they were really cool there were Woodpeckers, parrots and nice colourful birds. After that we went to the lunch area to eat lunch. Then we went of to the hyena’s cage one of them was being miserable and laying on a grey rock. But then we went to the monkeys and they were climbing really high in a fresh green bush they’re so good at climbing. But were at home now.Mummy told me to go to bed now bye.
I hope you’re coming home soon.

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3 Responses to “kai week 20”

  1.   raccoons Says:

    great work kai you have really captured it

  2.   kai Says:

    thank you for reading my 100 word challenge I really appreciate it

  3.   Mrs C (Team 100) Says:

    Kai, your work has ticked lots of boxes – using a variety of adjectives, including time connectives, capital letters for names of people and the correct use of apostrophes. I like the idea of a diary, but think a letter might have been a better choice, as it reads like a letter – I always like it when someone writes a blog, which is not a story, it shows imagination, well done. Mrs C (Team 100)

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