How have we used our 100 words this week?


week 20
my target : punctuation
Once there was Hyena who lived under a bed one day he went on a hike he was to climb to the top of the mountain he was miserable about it but what cheered harry the hyena was that he had a chicken salad sandwich it was at the dead of night when he crept and the bed and attacked the child he kidnapped him and he was never seen again but he was being cooked on a large skewer he was bleeding to death he was laughing a evil deadly laugh he didn’t last long

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  1.   Mrs Smedley (Team100wcSpilsby Lincs) Says:

    Wowee Kieran what an evil hyena!The poor boy must have been scared stiff.
    I see that your target was punctuation. Unfortunately I can’t see any. Perhaps you could read through your work when you have finished and check to see where you could add some.

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