How have we used our 100 words this week?

Kira Week 23

One day I went for a long walk with my friend in the woods. My friend Daisy walked along within my foot steps so she didn’t get muddy because the mud was sloshy. A few minutes later we saw a weird looking sofa and it just looked old and rusty. “Daisy wait for me,” I said, Daisy shouted, “Ok hurry up then, this looks cool, you need to see it,”
I replied “WOW that’s so cool can we sit on it?” Me and Daisy sat down and had a nice cold drink before we went to go for a picnic.

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  1.   Mrs Chadbond Team 100WC Says:

    Hello Kira!
    I love the speech in your story – well done for using that, and punctuating it!
    What a lovely time you had with Daisy on your walk in the woods! You described the muddy part well and used some really good words instead of ‘said’!

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