How have we used our 100 words this week?

Lewis M Week 20 100 Wc

Target: Choose better words and make sure they make sense


Struggling Malicious Astounding  …


Weeks ago, I was chosen to save the Golden Hyena in distant Africa. It was covered, in silky, gold patterns with tiny fangs like a sharp pencil. If you saved it, you would get money that would save you for 1000 years.

The journey to Africa was terrible. I was soaked in my own sweat. Drenched and tired, I carried on trudging through the sandy wasteland, trying to find somewhere to rest and a pool of clear water to drink.


Then, I saw something glistening in the distance. I ran. I do not know where, but I ran. It was the water pool. I sat down next to it, and drank. But water did not drip down my throat. It was sand. I was hallucinating. I knew that if i did not drink in the next ten minutes I would die.


Minutes later, I really did find a pool of water. I had a long, endless drink. I decided I would rest here. I took out a sandwich and started eating. I was really miserable and lonely. Then, I saw a grey or gold object in the distance. I climbed up a hill. I grabbed it. It was the golden Hyena.



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4 Responses to “Lewis M Week 20 100 Wc”

  1.   essien and mustafa Says:

    We really like your 100 word challenge

  2.   Helen Whittaker 100WC Says:

    I really enjoyed your story. Your choice of words is excellent and helped to create a really interesting story that could have been written by someone much older than you. I particularly like your sentence that starts ‘Drenched and tired, I carried on……’

    I wasn’t sure why you had the three words struggling, malicious, astounding at the start. At first I thought they were target words for you to use in your 100WC but then I wondered if it was your title.

    I think you have used more than 100 words in this week’s challenge but I understand that sometimes when you are enjoying writing a story you might just get carried away and forget it is a 100WC.

  3.   bears Says:

    Struggling, Malicious and Astounding were part of my target. They were words i could of used. Sorry if it was slightly confusing.

  4.   bears Says:

    Thank you for my comments!!!

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