How have we used our 100 words this week?

Lewis M Week 23 100 WC

Target: Better Punctuation

A while ago, I travelled to a distant country, called Scotland. Scotland, was an English country that was filled with green, fresh trees, cosy, warm cottages and happy towns people. There was a young man, who was called Frank. Frank, had wavy black hair, green seaweed eyes and blue pantaloon trousers. Frank: who was a farmer, loved helping people. One day, Frank decided to walk through a forest. The birds were chirping rapidly, like a chainsaw cutting down a tree. Suddenly, out of nowhere appeared a sofa. It was not any old sofa, it was a sofa made of stone. Slightly confused, he trudged towards it and the sofa vanished…

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2 Responses to “Lewis M Week 23 100 WC”

  1.   John C (Team 100WC) Says:

    You have certainly reached your target for punctuation, and what an in interesting story.
    Well done for the wonderfully descriptive writing – I can picture the entire countryside and Frank comes alive!
    Keep up your writing
    John C

  2.   Mrs Skinner (Team100) Bristol UK Says:

    Hi Lewis,
    I really enjoyed reading your entry for 100wc this week. You have spent a long time setting the scene for your readers. The picture was the couch so next time perhaps get to that bit of the story first. Can I ask you to read your first sentence? Does it make sense that the country if Scotlad was an English country? I think I know what you mean but perhaps you could tweak it.

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