How have we used our 100 words this week?

mias 100wc w12

He was shocked to find a brown monkey when he opened the sack kicking in fear trying to escape from the night zoo keeper. The brown monkey ran out of the sack but the night zoo keeper caught him and tried to put him back into the sack but couldn’t because the brown monkey wasn’t letting the night zoo keeper make the brown monkey go into the sack. The brown monkey wanted to bite the night zoo keeper so the brown monkey did bite him. The night zoo keeper said ooowww! and dropped the brown monkey. And thats how the night ended.

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  1.   Ana - Team100 Says:

    Good effort at keeping with the theme this week. Now that you have your draft ready, you should perhaps read it over to see how you can add more details and variations to make it interesting for the reader. Also try to add in some punctuation.

    Well tried. Keep writing!
    Ana – Team 100

  2.   Ms. Sargent Team 100WC-USA Says:

    Hi Mia,
    You have done a good job writing a piece that holds together well. Things follow in order and come to a logical completion.You have used periods and capitals appropriately, although some of your sentences would be better if they were broken up. Even so, your story was easy to read.

    There is one problem. This week’s 100WC was to write about Lord Nulth and his war on imagination. Lord Nulth was the antagonist, not the Night Zoo Keeper.

    Team 100WC-USA

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