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poem by Kaci

I could hear the wind crying in the distance edging towards me,
I could hear a fox scuffling threw a bin peering at me,
I could hear owls hooting in the background,
I could see a glow in the darkness trying to blind me,
I could see a hedgehog eating lettuce whilst glancing at me,
I could see a stray dog hunting for food and water,
I could feel a shiver of coldness travel up my spine,
I could feel my heart sink at the thought of a homeless dog,
I could feel the worry taking over me.

By Kaci

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3 Responses to “poem by Kaci”

  1.   Caitlin Says:

    Wow, wow, wow. Fantastic, amazing. Well done.

  2.   Luke Fitzpatrick Says:

    I enjoyed reading this poem Kaci. I really liked your opening line, some great descriptive words used in there. I also really liked the line ‘I could feel a shiver of coldness travel up my spine.’ I think you have captured the feeling of the picture prompt well. Mr Fitzpatrick, Tasmania, Australia

  3.   Barbara McFall (Team 100WC) teacher at Phoenix School, Salem, MA USA Says:

    Hello Kaci,
    I could easily imagine myself in that picture seeing all that you saw. Your excellent description helped me see it all in my mind. I also liked how you kept referring to animals of the night. Your ending was perfect because you told wrote about what you saw and felt and wound up sharing your innermost feelings with us. You are a fine writer!
    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    Barbara McFall Team 100WC
    The Phoenix School, Salem, MA USA

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