How have we used our 100 words this week?

Ronnie D 100wc

Early in the warm, beautiful morning, Charlie Bucket awoke from his magical dream. Charlie was a young boy: blonde, bushy hair, bulging blue eyes and huge grin on his thin face. He always wore his brown, leather jacket with skinny, blue jeans.

Approximately 3 hours later, charlie arrived at the historical bar making factory for his tour with Willy Wonka and his great grandpa Joe. It was time. After Charlie entered the factory, he glanced at this bubbly room and called for his grandpa. Than, they went in the massive area and downed a bottle of floaty soda and whizzed up into the air like a bullet.

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  1.   Ronnie D Says:

    Thank you all for commenting, Hope you have a good story, i would love to read any of yours!

  2.   Ronnie D Says:

    hello everybody hope you liked it. I enjoyed doing the 100 WC and hope you did as well

  3.   bhack Says:

    good story love urs so much

  4.   amy Says:

    i love your work Ronnie D

  5.   amy Says:

    i love your work Ronnie

  6.   porcha Says:

    hello ronnie i like yours so much

  7.   ronnie .f Says:

    i like how you described the setting .

    it is amazing

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