How have we used our 100 words this week?


In France they have a great bridge but the funny thing is it stop s halfway it has a brilliant view you can see all the cars drive past and see a castle but you can see lots of houses and trees they look like over sized bushes t has a crystal clear sky is the most   xtrodnery and lovely blue sky I have ever seen you can see chalk looking hills and a Breezy sea and your face feels like ice hitting you it is so calm and peaceful and relaxing looking you can see people swimming   the end .


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  1.   Mrs DW Team 100 Says:


    Thank you for sharing your ideas with us, you have really described the image well.

    It would help the reader if you could use some punctuation to help the reader. As you change ideas or descriptions, you could use a comma or a full stop.

    You used some great language and love the use of extraordinary in your work.

    Well done and keep it up, I look forward to your next piece of work. Great job.

  2.   H0pefulmummy (team 100wc) Says:

    Hi Saffron. Thanks for writing this week. I can see that you were inspired by the photograph and you have described it to me so perfectly. I think that you could make your writing even better by thinking about your sentences; at the moment all your thoughts pour out and they quickly tumble as you read your story. By structuring sentences with commas and full stops – which would replace some of the “ands” you use to link your thoughts – your story would flow much better. Keep on writing, Saffron!

  3.   saffron lily Says:

    Thank you hopefull-mummy and your team 100

  4.   saffron lily Says:

    i know that my work is cool

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