How have we used our 100 words this week?

shayla and jess

Lacy was in the most beautiful poncho shop ever and she was going to buy one but she could not decide what one she wanted . In the shop was all different materials and she was feeling them all but she was very picky. Suddenly in the corner of her eye she saw a plain black poncho that had the most fluffiest fluff that she had ever felt ,so she brought it. When she went home ,she told her mum about the red checked poncho that felt like a pic nick blanket . what was it I could feel? FLUFF!

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  1.   Miss T team 100wc Says:

    Hi girls, this is a very unique topic for the prompt this week, I was not expecting to read about a poncho shop today, infact I didn’t even know that they existed!

    You have woven the prompt into writing very creatively, good team work!

    Miss T team 100wc

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