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slenders game t.s 4bl year 4 100 wc

do you ever get nightmares from bogeyman,jeff the killer,bloody mary and zombies all these things don’t scare babies so stop acting like a 7 year old im slender man I have many abilities my favoriute one is if you look at me in the eye you will die i have black ropes coming out of my back that help me catch you i can also teleport my beastly friends are bloody mary jeff the killer and bogey and zombie i live in the woods to catch little kids and scare them while there on my property im the king of the woods i like to scare alot and drink blood all night so boommmmmmmmmmmmmmm then the noise stops.



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  1.   Carol Team 100WC Newcastle UK Says:

    Hello Thomas! I found the character you have written about, the slender man, very scary. I don’t think I would like to meet him. I really don’t like the idea of him sitting and drinking blood, I would run away! Well done and keep writing 🙂

  2.   Megan 4bl :-) Says:

    Great story Thomas! :-0 But next time remember your CAPITAL LETTERS and full stops

    Keep writing! ;-b

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