How have we used our 100 words this week?

Sloan 100wc week 23

Target: To use the correct punctuation


One late Monday night two men called Kieron and Sloan went on an adventure their hometown was abandoned… Until these hero’s had to save their hometown by finding the magic stone chair to stop Darth Vader and his apprentice Darth Maul. But in all of sudden a stone chair appeared out of no where and landed on Darth Mauls head. then Darth Vader laughed so loud Kieron went deaf. So they set off on an outstanding adventure but for some reason it seemed like minecraft if you looked at something there would be a black outline to it but it wouldn’t be a huge outline on it… It would be a cube big exactly like minecraft. But it turned out it was only a dream. But the stone chair wasn’t.


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4 Responses to “Sloan 100wc week 23”

  1.   Fiachra Says:

    I like the star wars theme.

  2.   Claire Radd Says:

    Hi there, Sloan

    Well done for entering week 23 of the 100WC, I really enjoyed reading your writing.

    I can see that you are a gaming and Star Wars fan – it is nice when you can writing about your enthusiasms – make sure that you write about other things too, though.

    You have worked really hard to include lots of twists and turns in your story which makes it exciting.

    I also like the way you started – One late Monday night…

    It would have been good to know more about the sofa – perhaps you can think of some descriptive words to describe it or its powers?

    Keep up the good work 🙂

    Mrs Radd (Team100WC) Northamptonshire, England.

  3.   Laura Alonso Says:

    Well you seem to have included all sorts of adventures and fantasy characters here! It definitely keeps the reader entertained! I like how you have described Darth Vader’s laugh. Your ending also leaves the reader wanting to know more about the stone settee. Intriguing!
    Keep up the fun writing!
    Laura A, Team100, Luxembourg

  4.   Anonymous Says:

    I like the 100 word challenge because it made me laugh so much well done .

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