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spacerocket Warfare by tayler week~18

After the spaceCraft crash and the fate of the planet earth Jack,Steve and Skylar Adventures into the alien world,

“So we just witnessed the death of humanity!” said Jack

“Basically Oi what is thi-

A laser bullet flew past me

“Get Down!”shouted Steve

“We gotta get the Laser Pistols from the cockpit of our Rocket!

“I’ll do it” said John he ran to the cockpit.

“Got Them! all four of them !” Pow John fell on the dusty ground Dead! The Pistols Flew under a dead fern. I slid and grab the pistols but I fell down a chasm then as I got up from my deadly fall a man Holding a Pistol at my head

“Get up GET UP! Now are you part of the sentinels or part of the Atlas rescue team?”came the man in white robes

“What No im not from this planet I come from Earth! where am I me and, my crew we crashed here!”I said

what was that I could fell? I had a paranoid feeling I turned around then a person with a blackedout face spoke.

“Take him captive sarg! We’ll teragate him tonight but for the time being find his crew he spoke of Go now sarg!

I was took away in to the darkness of the Sky light into a base made from cold stone maybe its the fate of me who knows?.


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  1.   Mrs Harris (Team 100) Says:

    Great punctuation – especially for the dialogue. This looks like it’s going to be a very exciting story, a little more description might be nice -especially as I have never visited this planet!

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