How have we used our 100 words this week?

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alfie 100 wc week 23

My target is to use question marks correctly Have you ever wanted an antique sofa with a creepy as hell stone dumb cat on the back? Well come down to the scary maze and prepare to get terrified MU HA HA HA. The scary maze has chasing pigs, murderous chimpanzees, rampaging anacondas and villainous vultures […]

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Alfies 100 word challenge challenge week 20

My target this week is to include good punctuation Wandering slowly in the African safari gazing at majestic grey hyenas sprinting miserably in the sun. Slowly climbing up the mountain, I can see bald eagles flying gracefully. At the top there is a welcome party with ham and pickle sandwiches in a velvet container.I got […]

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Alfie -lee stevens week 19

To write it all in time Sitting in my office minding my own business when ……. a good citizen came dashing into my office shouting “THERE’S BEEN A MURDER!” I said “where is it?” “down the street” “lets go. Where is it?” “Outside on the street!” I ran outside as quick as my legs could […]

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Alfie lee week 18

Stretched out in the African sun purring to myself because it had been a busy day. I started with buffalo hunting, it was extraordinary considering we didn’t catch anything it was fun to run around in the sun playing with my brothers.Then we went ghazal chasing surprisingly there was none there that was sad. At […]

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Alfies 100 wc week 17

I will use two the more the more sentences Los Santos is a scorching place where robbers, bandits and muggers lurk around the disgusting streets. Alfie is two of them he carries a knife and a gun everywhere even when he sleeps the more he kills the more he gets crazy to kill more and […]

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alfies 100 wc

100 Word Challenge – Monday 8th December my target punctuation It was a icy cold christmas morning. All the presents had been except one. A present addressed to me. It was wrapped in tinfoil and had a red ribbon around it and was a weird shape i cautiously opened the present i heard a chirp […]

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alfie 100 wc week 14

On a boat in the stormy sea whilst rocking back and fourth as people fall of the sinking ship but three people survived Alfie, Benjamin, Jimbob Alfie was falling so Jimbob grab a harpoon gun saved Alfie by shooting through his close and Alfie was hanging from the ship helplessly. the ship crashed on a […]

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alfie lee week 11 100 word challenge

    Dear family   It’s been hard in the trenches i barely sleep but they’re not attacking right now so i can talk to you. Yesterday on christmas, a crazy soldier went out to rescue a red belly Robin in the spikey barb wire he managed to save him.  remember i will always try […]

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alfies lee week 8 100 word challeng

in land far away there was a grim reaper called Jacob he’s used to people thinking he’s a statue but in the night he kills demons and zombies but he has good forces with him he has angles. Jacob but he  never thought he would have to do this he called for the werewolfs and […]

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Alfie Lee Week 6

  Steve is a man he like’s blocks that’s why he’s in MINECRAFT and he’s proud of it but he’s blind because a zombie ate his eyes  he don’t  care about it . He has a pet wolf called Henry he is the BEST pet ever he kills skeletons, zombies,slimes, spider jockeys he is the […]

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Alfie lee week 5

Once a long time ago there’s a planet called phoenix and there were three children on that planet called Jimmy and Charlie and Ash they was the chosen people they picked these things called pokemon. Jimmy picked Charmander Charlie picked Jigglypuff Ash picked goldeen as i looked around jigglypuff was in the sea.

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Alfie Lee week 4

Once upon a time five friends Alfie , Mason , Rex , Stanley , Kieran explored a haunted dark forest to find their parents there were bats and they saw a orange crocodile with soft scales . They was so amazed Mason sneezed and forgot to put his hand over his mouth the crocodile came […]

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