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Alisha The Lord of the Nulth week 12 100 wc

He was shocked to find a penguin. Shivering with fear the penguin squeaked with fear. Eyes like blue ice looked down to the innocent penguin. All of a sudden the shivering penguin scrambled to the bottom of the sack. Suddenly the terrified penguin shouted “OOOWWW” as the Lord of the Nulth kicked the sack as […]

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Alisha’s 100 word challange

Remember those who fought in World War 1, 100 years ago. Remember those who fought for Britain, our country. Also remember the ones who lost their life and their injury’s which changed their lives. I remember World War 1 very clearly because I fought in the war when I was 20 years old. In the […]

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alisha’s 100 wc week 7

I could not believe the smell all I could smell was dead bodies and there lying on the damp flour was my mum and dad. That was the end of my life because all of my family was dead because of this World War 2. I am only 8 years old and I had to […]

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alisha’s 100 wc week#6

SEE THE MIRACLE Suddenly I was able to see again after 12 years of being blind. How I became blind was because one day I was out playing a game with my friend, outside at the park and my friend, who was called Shay, was on the swing and she went to stop, but when […]

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alisha’s 100 word challange

As I looked around, the colourful rainforest I saw lots of colours. Flies flue around as fast as a lion chasing for it’s pray I looked cautiously, I saw cheaters pouncing, monkeys swinging and lion roaring loudly. I felt as I was in a wonderland. Then I found an amazing cave which berried among the […]

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