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Amy Higgins 100WordChallenge c:

TARGET: To use a rhetorical question!   There once was an gnome not any sort of gnome this gnome is a magical gnome which is alive! Did you know that gnomes are amazing builders? They can practically build a spaceship. They’re amazing!   One day, there were a group of the gnomes and they love […]

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100WordChallenge by Amy c:

I was walking home from a school disco. I was on my own. Scared,  shocked and shivering with fear. No one was here for me, to protect me, hold me tight. Puddles everywhere, trees like hands coming to get me. I knew something was wrong, that I was getting watched, followed even. I started feeling […]

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100WordChallenge by Amy =D

I was walking limply down the desolate streets. As I was waddling down I realised every step, every lampost light flickered off. I’m scared. But I feel i’m not alone. I’m stuck, stuck in an empty, misty, ghastly place. I’m a lot more scared now, I can tell because the hairs on my neck are […]

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100WordChallenge by Amy =D

He was shocked to find… The king of imagination, the most beautiful of all creatures. A Unicorn. Was his worst nightmare, his weakness, his ghost. As he opened the bag… It was not dull anymore it was as beautiful as itself. The unicorn gently leaped from the sack and looked around sheepishly then realised how […]

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100WordChallenge by Amy =D

Remember Dear Community, I’m here. Here now you may not notice me but I’m by your side. I’m looking down-down at you. I’m writing to you to say Thank you. Thank you for making the effort to create beautiful flowers to remember me to remember – Us that died for you. I would love to […]

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100 Word Chalenge by Amy =D

I was slowly walking to my innocent Gran’s grave: Strangely she died in the exactly the same space where her grave is. Finally I managed to heave my feet all the way. As I stumbled over I looked at a sign over her grave and upon a tree I stared at it suddenly the words […]

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100 Word Challenge by Amy =D

It was the best day of my life, my wedding day, after my handsome boyfriend kissed me it was official that we were married. I was happier than I have ever been before! After the wedding I COULDN’T BELIEVE THE SMELL coming from outside. I sneaked out and ventured around, the smell got worse then […]

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100 Word Challenge by Amy =D

One day I was playing with my cute dog. I had a bright red lazar he was chasing it like CRAZY But then my little brother ran over and snatched it right out of my hand. Then pointed in my eyes they stung BIG TIME! The next morning when I woke up I could hear […]

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