How have we used our 100 words this week?

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I was walking on the path when I  saw a settee with a cat on it. I came back the next day to the same spot to find the settee not there. I was so confused so I went to  bed. when I got home and the was in front room. I woke the next morning and […]

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ARCHIE.B 2015 100WC #18

One day in my apartment I woke up and got dressed. Then I went down to my garage to choose what car to drive. I chose my Adder which is the fastest car in the game . Its a black, green and has my crew emblem on it. I drove outside quietly to find my friend […]

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ARCHIE.B week#13 100WC

It was a lovely autumn day. It Was such a nice dray I decided to take my dog for a walk throw the park. It was fun I met my friend how was walking there dog. We sat down and had a chat on a branch with lots of leaves under it. My friend had […]

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It was a normal day in the countryside every one was as happy as can be. Until WW1 arrived. all the teenagers and men including me had to train for war. The solders showed us the way to fort nelson were we wood be trained. the beds were so un conferral that I wood of […]

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When I was at the park, with Jake we saw a trail going into the woods. It was made of really dry leafs, grass and twigs. We had never seen this trail before so we recorded a YouTube video. We turned on the camera and kept going. The trail lead us to a field. When […]

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archie bloom 100WC #7 13.10.14

One day I woke up from my cosy dreamy bed and went to get ready for school. I brusht my teeth, done my hear and wash my face. when I went down stears every think was klean and tiedy, until my dad farted I could nt bellieve the smell everone frow up and it no […]

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