How have we used our 100 words this week?

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Bridget’s 100 word challenge #week 23

100 word challenge #week 23 Target: More variety in how my sentences start   No cloud in sight, sunshine was finally beaming down from above so I decided to go for a walk. While on my way I passed an ancient graveyard.I trembled closer and suddenly stumbled across a hole in the ground. Down, down, […]

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Bridget Week 20

my brothers birthday ! wow !  what a day ! i went to the cake shop and brought a grey birthday cake , superheros , then i went to the sandwich shop and got a scrummy baloney sandwich. Then i went home ! Before i went home i went to the zoo to get my […]

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Bridgets 100 word challenge #week 18

100 word challenge #week 18        19.1.15   Dear diary,   Yay !!! Its friday my birthday I opened my first present what was that i could feel? I pulled it violently to see it i loved it , it was a charm bracelet from my bestie x Jess then after i had opened my presents […]

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Bridget’s 100 word challenge #week 14

I woke up at my house,well my granddad’s house,today I was going to the museum with my mum. My granddad is dead ! He died many years ago my mum got given the house after his death. I was looking through storage to find a vintage piano , a photo album and a letter signed […]

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Bridget’s 100 word challange #W8 x

I woke up in an eerie, haunted helpless and afraid of what was to come. Suddenly I heard a rustling of the leaves and a door creaking open I collapsed. I ran the more afraid I was the dizzier I got. I stumbled upon a misty black figure there was a note it read “I […]

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Bridget’s 100 word challange #W7

I could not believe the smell it smelt wonderful I was in a meadow it was so peaceful .I started thinking about my exceptionally wonderful doggy Bobby he ment the world to me. I placed a bunch of lily’s on his grave it brought a tear to my eye I missed him so much. I […]

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Bridget’s 100 word challange

See the miracle All of a sudden my lovely golden retriever, my guide dog, jumped on my bed if only I could see I thought to myself. Today is the most important day of my life I was going to have an operation to cure my blindness, so my guide dog Bobby handed in the […]

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