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camran week 23

He read the death leaflet on the sofa, not afraid at all. two weeks later he was eaten by a stone lion .the story continues …There lay a boy in the hay stack who knows about the death leaflet and the stone sofa he was also paralyzed by the demon he spoke poo what I […]

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camran week 21

It was a miserable night. The silence was deafening. It was like my ears were going to pop off. Then suddenly, out of nowhere a shadow swooped past my tent. I screeched silently so whatever it was out there couldn’t hear me. A miniature drizzle of blood ran down the zip and then a skeleton […]

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camran week 20

Johnny the miserable, grey hyena was resting in the Savannah when suddenly a huge ,gigantic sandwich dropped like an earthquake off a mind-blowing fast jet I was jumping with joy on my Tippy toes until the sandwich rolled over it was a chubby pizza man with label saying hey my name is Jeff he screamed […]

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camran week 19 2

Suddenly, a translucent shadow appeared galloping on the crying road and that was when I woke with a shiver down my delicate spine. With a hop, skip and a jump, I was out of bed and eating my mouth watering cereal and that’s not all I then that day was taken to a theme park […]

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camran week 18

it was a normal life me and goharm my annoying bro it was one stormy night when an mysterious gust of wind hit my room then i peered out my front door to see a ghostly cabin and just at that moment a Ferrari f50 crashed into my rib cage and sped away then the […]

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camran week 16

Beneath my light blinding lair me and my heroes stand rubbing our heads thinking curiously about a plan to save the world and just that moment a creepy looking shadow swooped across my window I grabbed out my torch and skyrim was staring directly at me I went outside to see a torch lit machine […]

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camaran week 15 100 wc

My Target: to make my ending as good as the beginning A million years before dinosaurs got extinct there was a land called paradise. Me and my troll family went every trollop , that means days and weeks in troll language .There were celebrations every single day . but suddenly I peered through my eye […]

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camran week 13

Beneath my basement is a luminous green glowing lair where I plan my marvellous creations Evin said my mum its time to walk the dog i hate walking my dog buster hes so freakishly  annoying but i did i took him to my 8 friends that were waiting for me to play a huge game […]

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night zookeeper camran raccoon’s

He was shocked to see a feisty huge tarantula that had piercing fangs and  it had a stained note tied horribly tight  to his hairy venomous spine .  Lord Nulth screamed in terror and spoke:” You shall be my scrumptious  dinner for tonight”. Nulth ruffly   carried it to the black dusty cauldron and heated it […]

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Camran week 11

There once  10  years ago was a world war that lasted 4  years  that involved grenades and plenty of bombing me and my family at the time were trying to camouflage in this damp old attic remember the exact house that Wilfred Owen’s house well that’s the house we was in and the grenade that […]

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camran week 8

It was a dark and misty night when  the trees were  swaying side to side as the glamorous sunlight rose. This black shaped figure was lurking in the fog with a clay pipe hanging off his lips my dog buster scrambled across the grass in fear I gasped for a second because  he was gone […]

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camran week 7

“Ahh” I had just been blown up by a grenade and my leg fell off and ewh the smell it left was minging I couldn’t believe  the smell it was disgusting and  that made a difference to my life because i was now someone new because my leg made me rich because inside the flesh […]

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camran’s 100 word challenge week 6 !!!!!!

Near by my farm is a gleaming stream where a moody stingray lies eating  cream . Last night I was dreaming of the stingray and I couldn’t get out I was terrified I was sat in the middle of long grass and then suddenly he popped out played the flute beautifully . I was mistaken […]

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camran week 4

Beyond my castle there lived a fierce crocodile. He will practically bite your head off .My  orange dog Pepper   barks day and night because of that miserable creature.I just tried to forget about him .My bed is the best place to go its so soft .But  one night the crocodile  started climbing my castle “ahh” […]

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