How have we used our 100 words this week?

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chelsea week 20

It was on a friday night i was so happy because i am going climbing on the biggest mountain with my dad .They call my dad Mr miserable. It was the day to go climbing. When we got there the mountain was really grey.It started to rain but we sill want to go climbing. When […]

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chelsea – Week 19

On a Friday night with my friend we decided to go to the forest. When we got there suddenly I turned around and my friend was gone. I turn around and I bumped into a big tree. Suddenly, I heard a sound. It sounded like foot steps. I got really scared.I felt like some one […]

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chelsea week 15 100 wc

My Target: capital letters, It was on christmas eve i was up in my room in my begumes. Mum and bad was asleep we i hard a sawd on the roof. So i when to have a look it was a strange fat man in a red sot. At firs i was nervous i look […]

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chelsea 100 word challenge week 12

He was shocked to find a little cat but it was the Lord of nulth cat from when he was a little boy. the Lord of Nulth was confos  because this is why he is boing this because the zoo lost he cat but they benot  now he is sad he raw the zoo. but […]

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chelsea 100WC

… remember.. the shages risk there life to safl are cuntre they left there kisd and whife . it is so sad to see them bieding you miss your friend and famley you miss them so bont fet them are way remember them beceuse you are wood be beid by now if they be not […]

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Chelsea week 8

  It was the night of Halloween a little girl called Trinity went out by her self for trick or treating. she went to her last house when suddenly she fell of a stick and tumbled down a creepy hill when she got up she go saw a man in a black coat I thought […]

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chelsea 100 word challenge week 7

  100 Word Challenge Week 7   …I could not believe the smell   In 2004 a litte girl called suzie . she life with her mum unft her bad bied. even night she see her bad in her  brems. but one night see saw her bad and she said bad i could not believe […]

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chelsea 100 word challenge week 6

suddenly i was able to see again…… One night I was in my room breming my breming. abat i was in the forest a lon but subley i saw a old lodey in the bestont she “Hello,” little girl?bo you wont to came to my home but she said no so the old women said […]

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Chelsea T 100 word week 5

One night I went out with my friends .we went to my friend jessica home we went throun the forest but sudley .i saw a feger in the bestont i was terrfid when i ternt a round . my friends was go i ran a way we i got home i nokd on the door […]

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