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the egg hunt

Annie, who is 12, hurried downstairs to prepare for the Easter event which was happening later on that day. Her brothers and sisters drew maps of all the possibilities where the Easter eggs could be. She sighed. She asked if she could join her sister Callie to find the eggs using the map she had […]

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Week #12 Year 6

A group of year six pupils wrote this together. Let us know what you think. Dear friends affected in the Philippines, We have head about your troubles, we have read about your struggles and we are here to help. Even though we are far away, we still care about what has happened to you. It […]

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Chloe Week #11

If only they were nice to each other, if only they hadn’t argued, if only they had listened, then they would still be here today. Lethal guns shooting, sorrow hearts pounding, spiritless souls screaming out for help but it was no use. The person who I called daddy as no longer there. A hero. A […]

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chloe, 6t, week 9

An eerie silence struck the night as a man awaited terror. Blood oozed from every angle. Sorrow in his eyes cried out for help but it was no use. Terror still awaited. Lightning struck and shook the ground as terror arrived. No one was safe. The wrong decisions were made. A man had died in deathly […]

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Chloe, 6T, Week 8

Blood oozed as midnight struck. Owls screeched in the misty sky. Glaring at me, the sly, cold-hearted man grinned at me like I was an enemie. A curious feeling shivered through my veins. Thunder eachoed in the moonlight. His bones popped out like a jack-in-the-box. Emerald eyes examined my body like an ex-ray. My heart […]

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Chloe, 6T

Strolling along in the darkness I see a mysterious light glowing in the distance, what could it be I thought to myself? I walked a little closer I still can’t make it out when all of a sudden a strong breeze past me. I was being pulled closer towards the light I thought long and […]

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