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100wc 21/10/16 Chloe M

One stormy night,  in a dark and dangerous lab,  a scientist named Professor Steve created the world’s most dangerous robotic spider. He went by the name of, The Black Titanium.  He was kept in a large cage made of steel. Whoever entered the lab, wouldn’t dare go near it. Until one day, he escaped.  Roaming […]

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Chloe M 100wc

One stormy night, in the dark gloom, a little girl named Chloe layed in fear. She lived in a small orphanage in a small town. As she crept out of bed, a floorboard creaked. Just then a door swung open. It was the headmistress, Miss Sunny! ‘Who’s that out of bed!’ She yelled. Miss Sunny […]

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