How have we used our 100 words this week?

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Daisy week 23

Target:speech marks It was a boring day and I was bored out of my mind and me and my mum wanted to go for a drive in our new car. Mum took the wrong lane leading into London and she said “Oh my god I just took the wrong lane and it looks like we […]

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Daisy Week 21

Target:spaces and capitals It was one cold and misty night when there was a power cut throughout the whole city, the electrician banged on our front door and laughed a nasty,evil laugh.Me and my friends ran up stairs because the sound of the nasty,evil laugh was deafining.It became silent and that was a good sign […]

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Target:spaces and capital I decided to go to the Zoo with my mum and dad.We had a disgusting sandwich which had lettuce in like how gross I hate healthy stuff.I found a grey Hyena and I tried to climb its cage it was so miserable. My mum loves Hyenas because they laugh a lot and […]

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Daisy Week 19

Target: Full stops and capital letters There was one lonely cold winters night and I was on my way home and I felt like I was being followed all the way home. I was  also starting to feel scared.It was pitch black and I leged it to the front door I ran inside and was […]

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DAISY week 18

Yay! It’s Friday and it’s my birthday and I’m having a party and 10 of my friends are coming. There will be lots of food and fizzy drink and the most important thing is…the swimming pool in my backyard .2 hours later… I whispered ”Mum everyone is here and you haven’t set up the pool […]

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My targets are:To use more adjectives for more description in my writing! Wait dad I have forgotten my coat i’ll be right back in 1 minute “DAD the light won’t turn on I think the light bulb has blown”oh I only brought you a new one last week it hasn’t run out already has it”?”well […]

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Daisy P week 15

My Target: combining words together Today is christmas’ down I go to open my present’s.WOW look what I got I got a box of celebrations I’ll eat them later.3 hours later’ Im hungry lets go to my room to eat some sweets,as I opened the box there was a strange red sweet that I wanted […]

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Daisy 100wc week #12

He was shocked to find….. A fluffy and colourful goat with a black tail.The goat kicked Lord Nulth in the face and the Lord Nulth was knocked out and the night zoo went back to normal.There were trees and caves, deserts, jungles and humans. The robotic animals in the night zoo turned into friendly animals, […]

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Daisy week 8

Today its halloween and im so exited to eat all those yummy sweets and my Brother is nothaving any of my sweets there all mine.Mum said she has sorted who im going whith and im going whith my friend Emily and my mum because my dad is ill and thats good because he takes all […]

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Daisy week 7

100 Word Challenge Week 7   …I could not believe the smell… Today were going to the farm and I hate the farm it always smells of poo and the larmers always spit at me like how rude.Im in the car and im very board.Finaly were here’I stept out of the car I could not […]

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Daisy Week 6

…suddenly I was able to see again… Today it’s my fun day out mum and dad take us out every month and they keep it a surprise and its very exited and Im in the car on my way and I hope were going to the fun fair. Finaly were here and were at the […]

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Daisy p week 5

Today I am really excited because i am going to the fun fair whith my friend kira and there is loads of rides there.There is a sweets stores and prizes to win.Me and dad go on the 2p machines and win lotts of prizes.Finally we are at the the fun fair and we are going […]

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Daisy P week four

Today me and mum are going shopping in Asda we need to bye some food for dads birthday party including peppers and oranges.Dad s to get him some soft mints for the party bags because he said some of my friends could come. I am very excited shhhh we are taking dad to see some […]

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