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elizabeth week 23 100wc

Strolling thirsty through the enchanted woods,looking around for a clue, I spotted a crusty bench and sat down on it too take a break, and right in front of me was a comfortable couch with a stone cat on it. I looked behind me to see if there was someone playing a trick on me.But […]

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elizabeth 100WCweek 21

Laying in a hospital bed staring at the door that was wide open, every window was locked and every outside door wasn’t open. Then my door slammed shut. I screamed with horror and hid under my blankets. When I came out from under my cover and gasped for air, I saw a scary face pop […]

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week 20 elizabeth 100WC

On a Tuesday morning Elizabeth and trinity were knocking for Erin. It was a grey, dull and miserable morning. When they reached Erin’s house, they had to cross a river. They knocked the door and Erin answered. They all said do you want to go to Savannah together before they went Erin offered them a […]

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week 18 elizabeths 100 WC

I was in an epic mine and was just travelling to find the diamonds. Suddenly I as falling down down ,down. Then when I woke up I found myself trapped in a cage. I was terrified ,upset and spooked. I looked down and saw a radio .Unexpectedly, the radio started to play horrifying ghost music […]

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elizabeth week 15 100 wc

My Target: punctuation and capital letters It was a Friday night and all was quiet all through the house then a pizza was delivered to my house this got me in the mood for a sweet sixteen party since I was turning sixteen. I was so nervous that my parents would walk in, then when […]

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Elizabeth 100 WC

…Remember… Dear mother and father, I am writing to tell you that i am okay and to not worry about me. remember  Tell Little Jimmy that i am well and that i love him, I’m up every day at 5am to get ready,  load my gun and ready for battle. Life in the trenches are […]

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elizabeth 100 wc week 7

100 Word Challenge Week 7   …I could not believe the smell…   my mum smells of one direction purfume maybe she has nicked mine or has she bought herself some i asked her she said yep she was using mine i was so angry with her she has left a drop of it for […]

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elizabeth 100 word challenge week 6

…suddenly I was able to see again… My pocket vibrating as I started to walk across the road but as I walk across I picked my phone up and started to text but a car came zooming round and hit me. Pain hurts. Always look before you cross the road. The ambulance dropped me off […]

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elizabeth p week 5

I was walking to my friends house to walk to school with her, so i walked through the gate and knocked the door. My friend opened it i said you walking to school with me she said okay so she grabbed her bags and walked out her name is Jessica green. we approched the school […]

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elizabeth week 4

once upon a time my friends and i went out to see some crocodiles but when we got there we found something orange in the water and realised it was a crocodile in the water, me and my friends were so silly we decided  to get in the water while kira thought she wouldn’t risk […]

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