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the history of the sofa – Ella R

4 years ago in a deserted park there was a house and it was demolished all the dust and ruins were swept away. But there was something strange going on when people would attempt to move it it would become more and more heavy. So everyday it would be pushed closer and closer to the […]

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my life by ella

When I woke up on Monday I was being miserable so I climbed out of bed to brush my teeth. But I had not had breakfast so I plodded like a donkey down the hallway to the stairs. I have to make it but instead I went to the toilet and then got back in […]

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100 wc Ella

As I lept up from my seat in the cinema as my mum covered her eyes “ AHHHHHHH “ my screams echoed around the room my mum now holding her heart. When i left the cinema i said “ That film was amazing mum “ “ That mockingjay film scared the living daylights out of […]

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Ella and Tillie’s 100wc

One day my mum said to me do you want to go to riders school and I said YES PLEASE.The next day started to go to riders it was the best school ever  I done maths then English and then art and it was 2 minutes till home time whist I was walking home I saw […]

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