How have we used our 100 words this week?

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elsie week 23

As I slowly strolled through the forest, there was a strange looking settee placed at the other of the forest. I cautiously walked towards the grey stone settee. As I finally sat, suddenly… I fell, CRASH!!!!! I went down, down, down a land with wine red blood splats dripping from every direction. Everything went black […]

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elsie week 21

Petrified with fear, I shivered as something slowly crawled up my spine. EEEKKK!!! I screamed as suddenly…. a massive walking ,talking doll came towards me saying “mamma, mamma, mamma” over and over again. Blood trickled down the frightening dolls face. I jumped up from the tent and ran until I was breath less then all […]

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Jess, Elsie and Shayla Week 19

It was midnight and all was quiet. As Shayla, Jess and Elsie crept down the steep old creaky stairs down, down, down they went until finally they came to the green, rackety door. Slowly they crept out and shut the door behind them. They were casually walking down the road when all of a sudden […]

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elsie week 16

As I stepped nervously onto the stage ready to perform, I was amazed .The stage had purple, glistening lights flashing all over. I instantly felt like a super star. As I finally got to the middle of the colossal stage, the lights were so bright they stung my eyes. Then I thought to myself I […]

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Elsie Week 12 – lord of nulth

He was shocked to find a oliminous yellow and pink baby tiger.There was a sharp pointy knife through its neck , blood was oozing out from its neck.Pus was dripping from its eye balls.The tigers tail had been chopped right of through its tail bone.All of a sudden the tiger started talking it said “what […]

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Elsie Week 8

The demond statue placed in the creepy scary forest.One day   I set of through the forest to look at the scary statue.As I looked round  the statue came alive petrified with fear I jumped back and ran away.But then all of a sudden it was chasing me all the way back home.Then all of a […]

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“Yuck you smell like poo, garlic and garbage” cried Elsie “Yes I know I do whats wrong with that”said Justin Beiber I could not believe the  smell of him it was disgusting. So I set home and cooked myself some tea and a nice cool drink. While I was eating my tea I heard a […]

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Elsie Week 6

It was a rainy day, and I was sitting in my bedroom.But all of a sudden there was a tingle inside my head ,then I couldn’t see any more I was trying  and trying to see but I coulden’t I was scared  I Didn’t no what to do.MY head was spinning with concussion . But then […]

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elsie 100 word challenge week 5

“Mum im bored can i go downtown with Terri,Jess and Mya please mum please”? whispered elsie “ok but be good and don’t make a mess”said mum “yes mum youre the best”I spoke sarcasticly. So I slammend my front door shut then as I turned round all my friends were standing in “Mum i’m bored can […]

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elsie p week 4

“Mum please please can i make a spell”said Arry “Yes just as long as you dont make a mess”shouted mum “Thanks mum youre the best ”  said arry So Arry ran upstairs and grabbed some pepper,orange oranges[not green ones] and soft curry powder[random].Then he got a big round bowl and a spoon with 50 litres […]

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