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Erin, 6T

ALONE ON WATCH On the year of 2013, Friday the 13th was Easter. It was torture. We couldn’t have had a worse day, I was out in the dusk of the night, and we were on a midnight hunt for our Easter eggs. All I heard was a scream “AAAAHHH!” A cry of fear, “HEEELLLPPP!” […]

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Erin, 6T

Dear Diary, It was the first day of moving to the valleys; we were moving to get away from the flood, it hit us hard. You would think we were used to it, seeing as grandpa is a sailor but all we could see is was water, and when you are living in a home, not by […]

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Week #12 Year 6

A group of year six pupils wrote this together. Let us know what you think. Dear friends affected in the Philippines, We have head about your troubles, we have read about your struggles and we are here to help. Even though we are far away, we still care about what has happened to you. It […]

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Erin, 6T, Week 8

Scarlet liquid oozed from his bloodthirsty daggers. His paperthin skin had splashes of blood stolen from his victims. His hands were so thin you could see the veins pumping another’s blood. Like I was his next meal, he was staring. The never ending cape followed his journeys and his foot steps. On his torso, buried into his […]

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Erin 6T

It was a midsummer’s night in Paris. The wind was blowing like a hurricane had hit. Harmony was lost, unknowingly following the orange pavement of death. When the path had ended she was at an ancient grave yard with a rusty door. Harmony opened the door. It was pitch black. AAAAHHH. She fell. At the […]

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