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Ethan A 100wc week 23

Target: to use commas in my sentences Once there lived a army of brave ,smart ,thoughtful and silly knights.These knights lived in a village mostly made out of really hard rock ,stone and iron. There job was to take care of there mean ,beastly ,enormous and fire breathing dragons from the great and powerful dragon […]

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Ethan A 100wc week 21

Target: punctuation There once was a famous thief named Jermaine grekon (a.k.a the shadow.) One day whilst he was in the school playground he decided to rob a small infants buzz lightyear toy. He slowly walked up behind the boy and snatched it out of his hands. The playground went quiet. The silence was deafening […]

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Ethan A 100wc week 20

One day a little boy named Brandon McKinnon was playing football with his friend Seth About until brandon booted the ball in to the forest and when he went to go and find the ball he heard a weird sound it was the leaves rattling brandon went to go see what it was and he […]

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Ethan A 100 wc week 19

It was dark and gloomy one night until I heard a scream. It was coming from the city which was dark and gloomy. Nobody went there because who ever went in didn’t come out!!! As I edged backward my body pushed me closer to the danger then I ran and I ran until I heard […]

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the slender story 100 wc ethan a

As I was walking through the dark scary woods something touched me it felt weird, I thought what could it be! What was that I could feel is it a spider is it slenderman well I don’t know I got extremely scared because I didn’t know what touched me.furthermore I saw a page it said […]

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ETHAN’S 100 WC # W15

I rolled out of my bed and dawdled over to my door and opened it. I was nervous as I walked down the stairs. Suddenly, I saw strange red lights in the sitting room. I smashed the door open and my family shouted “CELIBRATION” I jumped out of my skin!!!! Quickly, I rubbed my eyes […]

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Ethan A Week 15

I opened my eyes and i felt strange until i remembered it was CHRISTMAS  DAY ! i couldn’t wait till the celebration then i felt nervous because what if everything goes wrong then after i opened my presents i saw a weird red dressed man outside with a empty sack a broun empty sack and […]

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once there was a ship and it was the biggest bout in the world its name was the TITANIC! The year 1001 it sank also said it was unsinkable but it was not. The first day it set sail it crashed into an iceberg and then it slowly sank. All the people in the boat […]

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Ethan A 100 word challenge

    He was shocked to find a human!!! But it was the first human he had ever seen lord nulth wondered does a human have powers but it seemed like humans don’t have the magic powers but the thing they do have is dignity and corridge. Also humans have a hero in them lord […]

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world war 1 by Ethan

dear mum,dad and family first of all can i say i wish i was 10 years old again because now i’m 24  i have to fight in war so well i don’t know but i love you and can you just tell daisy dylan died so im coming home to see the funeral and i’m […]

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my dads Lasganie by Ethan A

100 Word Challenge Week 7   …I could not believe the smell… but when I got home my bestest dad in the hole wide world was cooking the best lasagne in the whole entire universe ow and the smell yes it smelt good and when it was dinner time I was able to try a […]

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